Spotlight on Teaching and Learning: Academic Innovators Ryan Meuth and Phill Miller in CSE 110

Spotlight on Teaching and Learning

Ryan Meuth and Phill Miller are senior lecturers under the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence who have been creatively reimagining their approach to teaching and learning in the CSE 110: Principles of Programming course.

“Programming is hard,” Meuth says. “And we’ve been teaching it the same way for so long — it needed a refresh.”

Meuth and Miller have been working on an adaptive version of their CSE 110 course.

“What we mean by adaptive is the course should meet each learner where they are,” Miller says.

This adaptive version includes a hybrid format, once-per-week programming lab time, an interactive textbook with immediate feedback loops and built-in lecture content, mature technologies and in-person or virtual help sessions with the course’s teaching assistants.

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