Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty: Competency and character

Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty

Your academic discipline and course content will evolve and change over time. The variety and types of students that you educate are limitless. What will never change is the need for graduates who display both competency and character. Academic integrity is a framework for any student’s future professional ethic. While we have an obligation to prepare students for successful futures in their chosen disciplines, let’s not forget our ability to positively impact students in the character realm as well. 

Here are a few character-building points to consider:

  • Regularly discuss the learning community the students are in and how our collective ASU reputation hinges on academic honesty from everyone.
  • Whenever possible, connect good academic integrity decision-making as practice for difficult decisions that students will be required to make in industry.
  • De-stigmatize temporary failures and setbacks by helping students to see them as opportunities to learn and improve, rather than a moment to compromise their integrity.
  • Whenever possible, incorporate real-life ethical decision-making challenges into your course content and discussions.

For additional academic integrity information and tips check out the Fulton Schools Academic Integrity Office webpage faculty tab.