Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty: Proctoring in-person exams

Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty

It can be difficult to proctor in-person exams and keep them organized and orderly. Probably the two most important tips are to over plan and over-communicate. Being prepared and letting students know your expectations will alleviate most of the challenging issues. We are sure you have some great ideas but here are a few basic tips to consider:

  • Before starting the exam, encourage students to do their best.
  • Develop multiple versions of the exam to alternate among students.
  • Ensure all cellphones, earbuds and smartwatches are put away.
  • Announce that there is a no talking policy for the entirety of the exam.
  • Decide and communicate how you will collect the exams when time is up.
    • Reinforce that work must stop immediately.
  • Try and secure help from colleagues, teaching assistants, graders, etc. to assist with proctoring.
    • Make sure they know your expectations if they see academic misconduct occurring.
  • Make notes for yourself on what you will do differently for the next exam.

For more information check out the Fulton Schools Academic Integrity Office webpage