Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty: Group projects

Academic Integrity Office Tips for the Faculty

Group projects are a great way to enhance content knowledge and provide students the experience of working with other people on a shared project. To avoid academic integrity problems and upset students, consider assimilating these tips to enhance the academic integrity of your group projects.

  • Provide clear instructions on how you expect the group project to be completed.
  • Reinforce that each student is 100% responsible for the academic integrity of the entire assignment (not just the part they worked on).
  • During class, encourage students to remind each other about including proper attribution.
  • Remind students that no group project should be turned in until every group member reviews and signs off on the final draft.
  • Provide the ability to do a Turnitin review on the assignment before students submit it for a grade.
  • Encourage students to email you with academic integrity concerns.

For more information check out the Fulton Schools Academic Integrity Office webpage.