Visit the new Research Services website

ASU Research Advancement Teams

The Fulton Schools Research Services website has been redesigned and expanded to offer faculty guidance and resources related to the entire proposal process, including pre- and post-award, as well as the Office of Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, or ORIEN, and school research services contacts.

Our pre-award support page features links to recent installments of the ORIEN’s weekly research advancement newsletter, information about early career funding resources, and guidance on how to take advantage of Fulton Schools proposal support services, including editing, letters of support and graphic design. The NSF CAREER Resources page features a suite of resources that will help faculty craft a high-quality CAREER proposal, including a to-do list, submission checklist, writing tips and more.

Later this winter, the website will be expanded further to incorporate a proposal resource library, which will feature a robust collection of templates and guides to working with major funding agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and the Department of Energy, as well as links to sample proposals.

Anyone with questions about the content on the Research Services website may contact Daniel Froid at [email protected].