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The Fulton Schools Dean’s Office Events team will be hosting a series of trainings to assist with learning about tools and resources for events, planning a conference, how to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into your events, and lastly a training on convocation procedures.

A Zoom link for each training will be provided in the confirmation upon registration.

ASU event tools and resources
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

9 a.m.

You are busy with your assigned job, and suddenly planning an upcoming event has been added to your plate. Where do you begin? This workshop will give you the ins and outs of planning events at ASU including filling out the necessary forms, determining a location, budgeting, rules on who can cater, how to reserve parking, permits you might need, staffing, safety and other things that can ensure a smooth-running event. This workshop provides you with valuable resources for finding information, checklists and other aids. Recommended for anyone new to ASU, new to events or desiring a refresh on the latest policies at the university.

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Conference planning
Tuesday, June 13, 2023

9 a.m.

This program will cover all aspects of planning conferences including agenda, speakers, registration, poster sessions, off-site events, etc.

This session is ideal for anyone tasked with planning a conference but has little or no experience doing so. The session will cover what to think about when planning a conference versus an event. Conferences are multi-day events and have many components that your everyday events do not. This session will cover all aspects of conferences including agenda, speakers, registration, poster sessions, spousal programs, off-site events and more. Also provided will be a conference planning checklist as well as a budget sheet.

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Incorporating DEI in your event planning
Monday, June 19, 2023
9 a.m.

Events professionals need to make sure that their events allow all voices to be heard and that everyone feels welcome and is represented, regardless of identity or status. This session will look at how event planners can include diversity, equity and inclusion in our event planning. This session will give you ways to identify opportunities and unique challenges in thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion as it relates to our event planning processes.

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Talking about convocation procedures
Monday, September 18, 2023

Brickyard Engineering (BYENG) 660, Tempe campus

The talk will focus on the procedures graduates have to do in order to graduate. Also, talking about expectations for student behavior during the ceremony. This session will be more of a dialog and attendees will have the opportunity to ask the event team questions on the ceremonies and any other process related to convocation. 

Lunch will be provided for those that attend in person.

This is ideal for advisors and anyone working with students. 

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