Attend the National Space Society Space Settlement Summit 2023, Oct. 27–28

The leaders of the National Space Society and the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University invite you to attend the sixth annual Space Settlement Summit. Top thinkers in the space community will gather at Thunderbird Global Headquarters to explore the economics and business development of space which will be required to sustain the engineering and construction of a better future for us all. “No Bucks, No Space Station, No Moon Base, No Mars City.”

Space Settlement Summit 2023 will be held Friday, Oct. 27, 2023, and Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023, at Thunderbird’s stunning new, high-tech, building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. This is a unique, invite-only event, offering intimate access to some of the leading figures in space settlement. You will join the NSS leadership and a dynamic group of leaders from the space industry, government, military and academia. 

This Summit will be highly interactive, with all participants actively engaged in workshops, discussions and presentations on economic and regulatory policies that will encourage the rapid development of technologies and capabilities required to get thousands of people living and working in space, in our lifetimes.

The Moon, Mars and orbital habitats await us. After decades of incremental advances, we have all the technologies and expertise we require to move boldly into humankind’s next great adventure. Political will and capital are now the only factors restraining the launch of our shared mission. The purpose of this summit is to identify mechanisms for releasing those hold-downs. If you value a brighter human future in space, your attendance is required!

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Use the promocode SSS20 for 20% discount (the fee goes to NSS, a good cause and covers meals). Please feel free to offer students the $100 flat rate code of SSS100 to cover meals.

If you have questions, please contact Andre Fernandez at: [email protected]