Enroll in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt health care certification course — begins July 19

A Fulton Schools student conducts health care research.

Ignite your health care career with the power of Lean Six Sigma! The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, in collaboration with the College of Health Solutions, is excited to announce that the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course for health care professionals is now approved to offer Continuing Education, or CE, credit toward the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, or CPHQ, certification. This nationally recognized certification sets the standard for health care quality. The National Association for Healthcare Quality allows participants to earn 30 CE units for completing our program, fulfilling the CE requirement to maintain CPHQ eligibility.

In today’s rapidly evolving health care landscape, organizations are increasingly seeking innovative ways to improve patient outcomes, streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. This is where Lean Six Sigma shines. By blending the principles of Lean methodology, which focuses on eliminating waste and optimizing processes, with the analytical power of Six Sigma, which aims to reduce defects and variability, Lean Six Sigma offers a systematic approach to drive measurable improvements in quality, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

By enrolling in our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, health care professionals gain the knowledge and tools necessary to identify areas for improvement, analyze data and implement evidence-based solutions. This empowers them to drive transformative change within their organizations, resulting in enhanced patient care, reduced errors, shortened wait times, increased efficiency and improved financial performance. The skills acquired through Lean Six Sigma are invaluable in today’s healthcare environment, where delivering high-quality care while managing costs is paramount.

Health care administrators, quality improvement specialists, nurses, physicians and any other health care professionals seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers will benefit from ASU’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course combined with the CPHQ certification. This opportunity provides the skills, tools and expertise to lead quality improvement initiatives, drive operational excellence and make a tangible difference in health care delivery.

Enroll in our Lean Six Sigma courses today and unlock your potential for success in the dynamic health care industry. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Global Outreach and Extended Education website or contact them via email at [email protected]. The next course launches Wednesday, July 19, 2023!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Health Care Certification
20-week course begins Wednesday, July 19, 2023
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