Achievements of late Fulton Schools professor recalled in leading science organization’s newsletter

Daniel Jankowski, who retired in 2004 as a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering after four decades at Arizona State University, is remembered by longtime friend and colleague Paul Neitzel in the most recent edition of American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics Newsletter. Jankowski passed away in 2020 at age 84.

Neitzel, a Georgia Tech Professor Emeritus, former ASU engineering faculty member and one of Jankowski’s research collaborators, wrote the Jankowski obituary for the spring/summer 2021 edition of newsletter.

Commemorating Jankowski as “a consummate educator and researcher,” Neitzel also notes Jankowski’s nickname, “Jaws,” which sprung from his reputation as a demanding teacher who stridently challenged his students.

That tenacity was a reflection of Jankowski’s dedication to his students’ education and the steadfastness with which he carried out his work as an academic leader, curriculum developer and researcher who contributed to important advances in fluid mechanics, Neitzel writes.

He recalls that even in retirement, Jankowski, who won several major teaching awards, was still at work on an undergraduate textbook in his field.

Today, the Jankowski Legacy Award is one of the highest honors that is bestowed on Fulton Schools faculty members who demonstrate strong academic commitment to quality instruction, student support and degree program development.

Read the Fulton Schools remembrance on Jankowski’s life and career published earlier this year.

Daniel Jankowski