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Fulton Exemplar Faculty

The Dean’s Exemplar Faculty Award is a two-year award that aims to recognize and reward tenured faculty who are exemplary contributors to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. More specifically, this award recognizes those with outstanding accomplishments and contributions in research, teaching and service. The award nominations will be made by the School Directors and reviewed by the Fulton Schools Executive Committee prior to recommendations to the Dean.

Exemplar faculty characteristics include:

  • A record showing dedicated and quality student instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and at instructional loads consistent with Fulton Schools workload expectations.
  • Substantial success with graduate student mentoring, with an emphasis on completion of doctoral students, and at a level expected of Fulton Schools faculty (e.g., 4+ doctoral students supported with external funding and graduation of one student about every 1 to 1.5 years on average).
  • Substantial output from research and/or entrepreneurial activities.
  • Sustained success at attracting external resources needed to support a research and/or entrepreneurial program of the scale expected in the Fulton Schools.
  • A history of positive interactions and collaborations with other faculty.
  • Service activities that indicate a record of leadership roles with their school, Fulton Schools, and/or ASU.

Directors may nominate up to 10 percent of their tenured faculty. A faculty member can be selected as an Exemplar Faculty once every three years.

Nominations are due by March 7, 2018, to Annette Bowers at

The number of awards anticipated each year will be about 5 percent of the total tenured Fulton Schools faculty. Each awardee will receive $5,000 annually that can be used as discretionary funds for research or instructional investment.

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