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Exceptional performer criteria

Level 5:  Exceptional Performer

Per the Staff Performance Evaluation template as revised in January 2011, an employee receiving a Level 5 overall performance rating:

  • Consistently exceeds performance expectations
  • Demonstrates exceptional quality of work in all essential areas of responsibility
  • Always makes an exceptional or unique contribution to the achievement of the unit, school, Engineering and university objectives

Level 5:  Exceptional Performer is a true example of top talent that the organization wants to formally recognize.

Level 5 criteria:

Contributes significantly to the success of the organization.

  • Develops new ideas or improves old ones thru innovation, creativity, or risk-taking.
  • Serves the unit in a developmental partnership with others to create opportunities for collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving.
  • Accepts new work assignments inside or outside their functional area in order to benefit the unit.
  • Supports the student experience outside the boundaries of their primary job description

Exemplifies leadership.

  • Is a role model for others by supporting a culture of teamwork and the promotion of positive change.
  • Takes ownership for all levels/outcomes.
  • Dedicated understanding, support and promotion of the school’s and university’s mission, vision, goals and priorities, including an understanding of one’s own position in the broader context.

Exceptional performers exhibit Fulton values – encouraging innovation and creativity, connecting with others in order to build better solutions (teamwork), demonstrating integrity in the workplace, and supporting a positive outlook.


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