Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program


The Fulton Schools of Engineering seeks to cultivate a culture amongst its faculty that enhances the translation of its innovations and the impact of its creative activities on the economy. The Fulton Schools recognizes the immense opportunity in fostering such a culture on the multiple fronts of economic impact, recognition of the Fulton Schools as an innovation engine, the potential for significant research resources in the short term and a longer-term impact on the endowed contributions to the Schools. To that end, the Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program is intended to support the translational efforts of its faculty, particularly as they relate to technology and product commercialization and the start-up of new companies.

Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors will be selected via a competitive proposal process. They will be appointed for one- to two-year terms and may re-compete for subsequent appointments. We intend to select faculty in 2017, with the number depending on the strength of proposals. All Fulton Schools of Engineering tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel who submits recommendations to the Dean.

Faculty selected for this program will be designated “Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor” for the duration of their one- to two-year appointment and will have reduced instructional and service obligations to free up time for their entrepreneurial activities. The main resource provided by the Fulton Schools of Engineering for this program is release time (and subsequent cost of loss of instructional capacity), but there may be some prototype/proof-of-concept seed-funding available and support for hiring researchers (faculty or postdoctoral scholars) to drive the faculty member’s student-based research group while engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits. There also will be mentoring and intellectual property support through the Arizona Technology Enterprises.

Proposals are due March 1, 2017 to Annette Bowers (Annette.Bowers@asu.edu).

Proposals for appointment as Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor

Interested Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty members should submit a 3-4 page proposal describing their proposed entrepreneurial activities, summarizing:

  • The development status and intellectual property position of their technology, product and/or company.
  • Potential impact of their technology, product and/or company.
  • A clear market-driven vision that drives the developments; a letter from a potential customer or investor supporting this would be useful.
  • Timeline for the entrepreneurial activities.
  • Discussion of the potential benefits to the Fulton Schools of Engineering.
  • How the applicant will integrate their entrepreneurial experience in their teaching and mentorship activities.

This should be accompanied by:

  • A one-page resource request.
  • Current CV.
  • An endorsement/support letter from their school director.

With respect to preparing the one-page resource request, applicants might find the draft table below to be of use.

Sample Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program Resource Request

Also include resources secured by applicant through other programs.

Resource Period of Request (Semester 1, Year1 to Semester 2, Year2) Source (School, Dean’s Office, AZTE, Other) Justification
Release time from instructional obligations Dean’s Office (for cost of supplemental instruction)
Support for Post-doc, Senior RA, or Research Faculty to keep ASU research program running
Mentoring on how to advance ideas to market launch, strategic planning AZTE
Legal support, market research, etc. AZTE

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