Attend two upcoming Center for Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations seminars, November 16 and 17

The Center for Cybersecurity & Trusted Foundations invites you to two upcoming seminars, “Applied Machine Learning in Malware Analysis” given by Omid Mirzaei and “Tales from the High Seas: Stories from an Internet Pirate” given by Chad Spensky.

Applied Machine Learning in Malware Analysis
Presented by Omid Mirzaei, Elastic

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Noon–1:30 p.m.
Brickyard (BYENG) 420, Tempe campus [map] and Zoom — seating is limited at Brickyard

Omid Mirzaei is a senior security data scientist in the protections team at Elastic. He develops machine learning tools for the cybersecurity domain and does research on how to build trustworthy machine-learning-based systems. Before joining Elastic, he was a postdoctoral research associate in the Systems Security Lab and a part-time lecturer at Northeastern University, Boston. Omid earned a doctoral degree in computer security from the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.

Tales from the High Seas: Stories from an Internet Pirate
Presented by Chad Spensky, Allthenticate

Thursday, November 17, 2022
10:30–11:45 a.m.
Brickyard (BYENG) 210, Tempe campus [map] and Zoom — seating is limited at Brickyard

Ever wondered how movies, games, music and more get leaked, sometimes months before their official release date? Who are these people? How do they get access to these things? What motivates them? Why don’t they get caught? Or, do they? Before starting his legitimate career in computer science, Chad Spensky was one of these people. In this presentation, he will shed light on the extremely elusive piracy community known as the “scene,” with numerous first-hand accounts. He took the “red pill,” and went all the way down the rabbit hole. Spensky will show you what’s down there. This presentation should be interesting for a general audience and will be especially interesting to anyone who has ever pirated anything or pondered the source of these pirated materials (it’s alright, we’ve all done it…). 

About the speaker: Spensky is the founder and CEO of Allthenticate, a cybersecurity company that provides companies with smartphone-based passwordless and keyless solutions. He has over 12 years of research experience and has numerous academic publications in top conferences. Formerly, he was a member of the technical research staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he helped them solve some of the Department of Defense’s toughest cyber-security problems. Chad received his doctoral degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is also a recipient of the prestigious IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. In addition to his academic credentials, Chad has some serious hacking clout. His hacking career started in his teenage years and has taken him to compete in some of the world’s best capture the flag tournaments around the world as a member of the Shellphish hacking team. His unique blend of hacking knowledge and academic rigor make him particularly well-suited to solve complex real-world cybersecurity problems, like scalable authentication solutions.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.