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2022 Brickyard Halloween decorations by the Engineering Dean's Office team.

Congratulations to the 2022 Halloween Decorating Contest winners: The Engineering Dean’s Office Soothsayers! Photographer: Erika Gronek/ASU

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween Decorating Contest!  put together !

A team of student judges crept through the halls of Brickyard’s 6th floor on Monday, October 31, 2022, enjoyed eerie-sistible treats, saw some spooktacular decorations and voted for this year’s winners: 

  • Best Costumes and Theme: Engineering Dean’s Office.
  • Best Trick or Treat: Strategic Marketing and Communications.
  • Most Original Idea: Academic and Student Affairs.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the decorating contest, and we look forward to tricking and treating you all again in October 2023. 

You can revisit the festive fun in our Flickr gallery.

2022 Ghostbusters decorations by Strategic Marketing and Communications.

2022 Best Trick or Treat winner: Strategic Marketing and Communications, Ghostbusters. Photographer: Erika Gronek/ASU

Jurassic Park decorations by Academic and Student Affairs

Most Original Idea winner: Academic and Student Affairs, Jurassic Park. Photographer: Erika Gronek/ASU

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