Digital Education News: ASU and Pearson Partner to provide access to digital courseware products at no cost

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In a shared effort to support increased access and affordability to high-quality learning experiences, Pearson is partnering with ASU to provide all enrolled ASU students access to available Pearson eText and premium digital courseware products (i.e., MyLabs, Mastering & Revel) at no cost. According to the College Board, the average college student spends more than $1,200 on books and materials (Kristof, 2018). These titles will be at no cost to all students, whether online or on-campus. Faculty who opt into the offer will enable a reduction in textbook expenses.

Only textbooks that are available on Pearson’s new eText platform are included. The availability of titles will continue to expand rapidly but will not have old editions or books out-of-publication. In addition to being offered at no cost, the titles’ distribution through digital eText ensures seamless access. With the launch of Pearson eText, students will now access their course materials without leaving Canvas. This will allow for material access on day one of the classes for all students, both international and domestic, regardless of where they reside. The easy-to-use Pearson eText will allow students to continue learning no matter where their day takes them. Access to these Pearson products will become available in a three-phased approach throughout the coming year.

Digital eText 2.0: Spring A 2021 

By Spring 2021, over 450 Pearson eText titles will be made available at no cost to students. Setup of Pearson eText within Canvas is a simple four-step process that you can complete within minutes. There are easy-to-follow demonstration videos to assist with each step and a key person you can contact if you need additional support. The ASU Online instructional design team is also ready to help. 

Digital courseware: Spring B 2021/Summer A 2021

Courseware such as MyLabs, Mastering & Revel will be added to the content that is available to all faculty and students by Spring B/Summer A. Reaching every student is challenging in a teaching & learning environment that increasingly is a mix of synchronous/asynchronous engagement; offered in-person or remote; to five or 500 students. A pedagogy deploying active learning can be an important tool. Pearson’s courseware can provide various personalized tools and products to fit faculty and students’ needs at no cost. Updated Canvas integration will allow for an easy-to-use student and faculty experience. 

Find the full list of titles and search or browse the catalog.

Take the next step

If you are interested in adopting a Pearson eText from the catalog, submit a request by the end of the day, Friday, October 30, 2020.