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The university adopted Interfolio Faculty Information System in 2018. Interfolio comprises what the university calls the Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System (APARS). The Provost’s office has created a resource website that consolidates information on all of the Interfolio modules in use or to be deployed. The three APARS modules are:

1. Faculty Search (currently in use): This module supports faculty recruitment and assists search committees in tracking and evaluating candidates, and was adopted across the university in July 2019. The Fulton Schools has been using Interfolio Faculty Search since 2016.

2. ASU Vita (to be deployed this fall): This module supports activity reporting and is a system intended for faculty to collect and organize their activity reporting for subsequent use in academic personnel processes and actions. More information about this module and university offered trainings via Career EDGE will be communicated within the next several weeks. These training sessions for faculty in use of the system will be provided from Tuesday, September 1, 2020–Tuesday, November 17, 2020. Faculty are highly encouraged to attend these trainings as this module will be used to support annual faculty evaluations beginning this academic year. Once the university trainings conclude in November, tenured and tenure-track faculty will be asked to check (and correct) the information in their ASU Vita account, and fixed-term faculty will be asked to upload their CV information to their ASU Vita accounts for use in annual evaluations beginning in January 2021.   

3. Review, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) (to be deployed): This module is intended to support the review process for academic personnel actions, and should facilitate use by candidates, external reviewers and institutional committees for review of cases. Academic units will learn about this module in Spring 2021.

The APARS platform is an important resource for units and faculty given its use for faculty searches (in place), processing annual faculty evaluations, and review, promotion and tenure. The RPT module will be supported by “ASU Vita.” Communication from units will increase this fall and give guidance to next steps related to ASU Vita.

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