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K. Selçuk Candan

K. Selçuk Candan

Quality and innovative instruction are top priorities of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. We recognize excellence in instruction by awarding an annual Teaching Excellence Award and through selection to our Top 5% Teachers List. Student nominations and feedback are reviewed by a faculty committee in determining these honors.

This year’s recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award is K. Selçuk Candan, a professor of computer science and engineering in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering. 

Top 5% Best Teachers

School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering

Jeffrey Kleim, associate professor


School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Ajay Bansal, assistant professor
Rida Bazzi, associate professor
Heni Ben Amor, assistant professor
K. Selçuk Candan, professor
Charles Colbourn, professor
James Collofello, professor
Adolfo Escobedo, assistant professor
Robert Reimar Heinrichs, lecturer
Jing Li, associate professor


School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Bertan Bakkaloglu, professor
Junseok Chae, professor
Chaitali Chakrabarti, professor
Gautam Dasarathy, assistant professor
Ahmed Ewaisha, lecturer
Michael Goryll, associate professor
Richard King, professor
Jennifer Kitchen, assistant professor
Robert LiKamWa, assistant professor
Umit Ogras, associate professor
Andreas Spanias, professor


School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

Werner Dahm, professor
Lenore Dai, professor
Hyunglae Lee, assistant professor
Ryan Milcarek, assistant professor
Kiran Solanki, associate professor
Sefaattin Tongay, associate professor


The Polytechnic School

Aram Chomina-Chavez, lecturer
Kiril Hristovski, associate professor
Sharon Lewis, senior lecturer
Troy McDaniel, assistant professor
Pavlos Mikellides, associate professor
Marc O’Brien, senior lecturer
Donald Wood, instructor


Academic and Student Affairs

Deana Delp, lecturer
Mark Huerta, lecturer
Phillip Miller, lecturer

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