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The classic Canvas Gradebook is at end-of-life. The New Gradebook has been available as a “feature option” for over a year and many instructors have already made the switch. If you have not switched over already, your gradebooks will be updated on the night of Wednesday, December 18, 2019, per the recommendation of the ASU Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC). 

Watch a brief video (7:05) that will give you an overview of the new gradebook. This update will provide additional features that may be beneficial to you and your course.

  • Ability to arrange how the gradebook is displayed
  • Filters to access specific data
  • Color coded ‘status’ options
  • Option to curve grades
  • Final grade override 
  • Late grading policy
  • Log of grading changes

Canvas is a Cloud based system so there will be no downtime for the gradebook update. All of your old grades will automatically be visible through the New gradebook. To learn more visit:

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