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Brian Verdine

Brian Verdine, PhD, Head of Customer Success at Yellowdig

See how Yellowdig, a community-building technology with a point system for your courses, can encourage participation and good citizenship! This system simultaneously tracks participation and automatically passes participation grades to Canvas to save you time grading and free you to interact more with your students instead.

Get the Yellowdig “Wow Factor”: ASU Instructor and Designer Webinar
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
11 a.m.
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This webinar will help instructors and designers throughout ASU implement Yellowdig in their courses using best practices. It is hosted by Yellowdig’s Head of Customer Success Brian Verdine, who will talk about how you can best take advantage of the technology. 

It will also cover data informing implementation decisions collected from partners over the years. This includes presentations of data collected from more than 20,000 ASU students who have already used Yellowdig.

The Yellowdig platform is easy to get into courses and for your students to use, but efficacy and whether instructors and students experience great outcomes are influenced by how the system is implemented. This webinar will explain what Yellowdig is, how you can use it, and help both new and old users get the “wow factor” that has made Yellowdig an indispensable tool for instructors.

About Brian Verdine

Brian’s background includes a doctoral degree in psychology from Vanderbilt University and a post-doc in the School of Education at the University of Delaware, where he remains an Affiliated Assistant Professor. Since starting at Yellowdig he has applied his research background to understanding how Yellowdig is best implemented in courses and to help inform design decisions for the software.

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