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As our students progress through their academic journeys, many become mentors, coaches and leaders of the Fulton Schools student body. There are multiple opportunities for students to assist and lead their fellow students to success, as well as inspire prospective students to join the Fulton Schools.

Fulton Ambassadors

Fulton Ambassadors are a select group of students who show the Fulton Schools student experience to prospective students at recruitment events and outreach activities. These outgoing student volunteers give tours, host students on shadow days, share personal experiences and get the word out about all the opportunities we have available. They represent all majors at the Fulton Schools on both the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses.

Meet the Tempe campus Fulton Ambassadors and the Polytechnic campus Fulton Ambassadors.

Do you know a student who would make a great Fulton Ambassador? Tell your Polytechnic campus students to apply at any time. Tempe campus students can watch Inner Circle for application opportunity announcements. You can also recommend Polytechnic campus students to Kimberly Robinson at and Tempe campus students to Daisy Loera at

Coordinator for Undergraduate Student Recruitment Daisy Loera and Coordinator for Undergraduate Recruitment Kimberly Robinson are staff advisors for the Tempe and Polytechnic campus Fulton Ambassador organizations.

Kimberly enjoys her role as the advisor for the Polytechnic campus Fulton Ambassadors because she is able to help them share the Fulton Difference with prospective students and their families. She guides ambassadors to bring them the best experience. Not only can the Fulton Ambassadors share what ASU has to offer but also the resources available within the Fulton Schools. Our ambassadors have the opportunity to learn many skills needed not only in life but in work environments and at the Fulton Schools.


Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and ASU 101 Section Leaders

Sophomores, juniors and seniors can serve as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, or UGTAs, or Section Leaders in a variety of Fulton Schools classes, including ASU 101, FSE 100 and EGR 101.

UGTAs and Section Leaders assist faculty members with exploratory and collaborative learning activities. They also help students by acting as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment, promoting students’ self-confidence and self-reliance while helping them navigate ASU and Fulton Schools.

UGTAs and Section Leaders spend about five hours per week assisting a faculty member in the classroom or lab and also meet with their faculty member to prepare for activities. These students can hold limited office hours and review sessions, although classroom and lab activity assistance is their focus.

After a student has served one term as a Section Leader, they then can be eligible to become an Executive Section Leader. Executive Section Leaders serve as a channel of communication and student support working directly with our school appointed/major specific retention specialists and participating faculty chairs.
Faculty can request a specific UGTA for their class.

Nicole Herrera, academic success specialist, oversees the ASU 101 Section Leaders program.

Nicolle Sánchez, coordinator of Academic and Student Affairs, oversees the UGTA and Section Leader program. She works with engineering faculty and their UGTA needs to select, schedule and place UGTAs into the first year engineering classes (priority) as well as engineering content courses. Nicolle coordinates training and events for UGTAs throughout the semester and she is the acting liaison between the FSE 201 instructor and Human Resources, to assist in hiring and UGTA issues and concerns. She also coordinates Fulton Schools scholarships.


Study Group Leaders

Students who have excelled in their courses and have an interest in helping fellow Fulton Schools students succeed have the opportunity to become Study Group Leaders. Study Group Leaders provide small group academic review and support to students in targeted high-stakes courses. They do so by creating learning plans, using peer support techniques and leading subject-specific study groups in key subjects.Christina Hernandez and Jessica Bailey coordinate Study Group Leaders.

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez joined the Fulton Schools in May 2017 and is working with several first-year initiatives to support student success. Christina is a proud Sun Devil, with a Master of Education in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management and a Nonprofit Management Certificate from ASU. Christina has worked in higher education for more than 14 years in Arizona, California and Texas. In that time, she had the opportunity to work in first-year retention, early outreach, leadership programs, fraternities and sororities, scholarship programs, special events and admissions. She currently coordinates UGTAs, ASU 101 Section Leaders, Study Group Leaders, Section Leaders and Executive Section Leaders.

Jessica Bailey is the Tutoring Center Specialist within the  Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers. She has been with the Fulton Schools since spring 2016. Bailey has a BS in biological sciences, specializing in conservation biology and ecology and is pursuing a master’s degree in project management.

Community Leaders

Daniel Ramirez-Escobedo

Daniel Ramirez-Escobedo

All students living on campus have student residential community leaders on their floors. Upper division students in these positions can make a difference in these students’ success, keep them engaged in the community, connect them with other Fulton Schools resources and create a great residential community environment.
Community assistants and peer mentors are community leaders on each floor of a residence hall. They actively build relationships with other students on their floor community, serving as a mentor, resource referral and role model to others. Community assistants and Peer Mentors plan activities for residents to help keep freshmen engaged with the Fulton Schools.


Daniel Ramirez-Escobedo oversees residential community leader opportunities on the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses.



We strive to provide exceptional academic support to our undergraduate students through the Fulton Schools Tutoring Center. Students who have a mastery of math, physics, computer science, engineering and technology disciplines can apply to be tutors at the Fulton Schools of Engineering Tutoring Centers. Tutors can work at any of our Tempe campus tutoring centers or virtually, where students come in for drop-in tutoring or online through Adobe Connect “classrooms.”

As Associate Director, Tim Rooney oversees Fulton student success initiatives including the Fulton Tutoring Centers, the Undergraduate TA program, ASU 101 Section Leaders, Fulton Schools scholarships, the Fulton Schools Residential Colleges (Tooker House, Century Hall and Palo Blanco Hall), the Peer Mentor program, Study Groups and E2 Camp.


Peer Career Coaches

Joyce Donahue

Joyce Donahue

Peer career coaches are undergraduate and graduate student leaders are trained in career development, résumé writing, internship/job search resources, interviewing and other areas related to obtaining degree-related employment. Peer career coaches get valuable networking experiences and learn first-hand what employers are looking for on a résumé.

Joyce Donahue manages the peer career coaches at the Fulton Schools Career Center. Joyce Donahue is also responsible for all undergraduates and the first year experience career-related programming. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.


Student Council

The Fulton Schools Student Council is the governing body of Fulton Schools students. This leadership group strives to cultivate strong engineering and technology professionals.

The council serves as the voice for all registered Fulton student organizations and organizes events like social mixers and open forums. The Fulton Schools Student Council also is responsible for many Fulton Schools traditions — including the Fulton Schools Homecoming float and Engineering E-Week— and creates new ones!

Melissa Stine helps out with student council activities.


Summer camp counselors

Hope Parker

Hope Parker

Each summer, we host a number of camps designed to engage K-12 students in science, technology, engineering and math-related activities to inspire a passion for STEM. From robotics to mobile app creation, our goal is to share the excitement of engineering and technology with aspiring future engineers and problem solvers.
Faculty and staff can help promote and recommend camp counseling positions to your exceptional students. Please contact or Brittney Martin to recommend anyone who might be a great fit!

Associate Director Hope Parker helps build engineering and social entrepreneurship-based programs and opportunities for preschool through community college students. She advocates awareness, education, and the social and personal impact on the next generation of engineers.


E2 Leadership

Upperclassmen can help our incoming freshmen learn the ropes at E2 through several leadership roles.

E2 Camp Counselors, or E2C2s, help incoming students learn skills that are important to their success at the Fulton Schools through a variety of fun and interactive activities.

E2 Recruitment Leads, or E2 Leads, assist the Coordinator Senior in overseeing all camp activities. Students who are good fit for this role are passionate about E2, have served as E2C2s for several summers and are active student leaders within the Fulton Schools community.

E2 Leads are the behind-the-scenes planners of E2. The E2 Leads get incoming freshmen excited to attend E2 and help answer questions. They also are responsible for reviewing all activities to make sure they’re the best and most innovative we can provide.

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