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Michael Simeone leads a data science open lab at Hayden Library

Data scientist Michael Simeone speaks about data visualization. Photo by Deanna Dent.

ASU Library’s Unit for Data Science and Analytics launches its Open Lab for the 2019-20 academic year.

Open Lab is a weekly event that welcomes faculty, staff and students of all disciplines and skill levels to engage in data science research and training. One of our main goals is to cohort students and set them up with project experience that they can use in their academic and professional careers.

Based in Hayden Library and affiliated with the Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative, the Unit for Data Science and Analytics has ongoing and available projects that engage machine learning, data visualization, text and data mining, network analysis and more.

We also mentor students and teams in formulating their own experiments and studies. For both faculty and students who are interested, we provide opportunities for project-based work and learning. 

All disciplines and skill levels are welcome. Tell us about your interests, goals and level of experience so that we can better match you with Open Lab opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating on research and/or building your data research skills, or just want to learn more, contact Michael Simeone at and/or take the data science survey.

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