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ASU published new sustainable purchasing guidelines in October 2018 with the objective of improving the sustainability of our procurement practices and therefore advancing ASU’s Sustainability Goals. Details of the guidelines include purchasing from manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and leveraging the buying power of ASU to incentivize others to be more sustainable. These objectives are only achievable with the collaboration of every buyer, department and school at ASU.

The university is looking for input from those who purchase and procure any and all resources for ASU.

Take the survey today!

This survey is 10 questions and will take approximately 5 minutes. All responses are anonymous. There are absolutely no right or wrong answers, and identifying information will not be gathered. Please answer as honestly as possible.

The Staff Sustainability Committee will develop a training and reference toolkit to help all ASU departments:

  • Understand why we have sustainable purchasing guidelines

  • Utilize the guidelines in everyday purchasing practices

  • Learn the importance of making smart purchases with regard to sustainability

However, for those tools to be effective, they need to be tailored to the different procurement methods and buyers’ realities around the university. Therefore, together with ASU’s Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative, ASU has elaborated a survey to collect this information and create appropriate training tools.

What ASU intends to learn from this survey:

  • What are the most common practices in purchasing and procurement for ASU?

  • What is the frequency and size of purchases?

  • What are the preferences of different buyers and end users?

  • Is existing procurement training effective?

What ASU plans to do with the information:

  • Help ASU staff members purchase more sustainably

  • Give the ASU community tools to successfully utilize the sustainable purchasing guidelines in everyday purchasing practices

  • Assist the university in reaching its sustainability goals!





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