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In follow-up to the request for nominations published in In the Loop on November 7, 2018, please review the candidate statements below and then vote online (ASURITE login required, each faculty can only vote once). Voting for AFSE Secretary is open until 5 p.m. January 31, 2019.  

Questions? Contact Annette Bowers,, for more information or alternate voting methods.

Olivia Burnsed

I am very interested in running for the AFSE Secretary position. I was hired in January 2018 as a lecturer in the School of Biological and Health Science and Engineering, and I believe my status as a rookie gives me a novel perspective for the committee.

I earned both my bachelor’s degree and doctoral degree at Georgia Tech. In my time there, I served as the only student on the College of Engineering Strategic Planning Committee, a board tasked with revamping engineering courses and building inter-departmental networks. My experience on that committee taught me first-hand the importance of communication, student feedback and how engineering departments can build value via interdisciplinary connections and involving outside faculties.

My service at Georgia Tech also included my holding the role of Biomaterials Day Chair for the Georgia Tech Chapter of the Society for Biomaterials. In this position, I wrote funded grants to raise over $10,000 for the inaugural Southeast Biomaterials Day and follow-up event, both of which quickly reached capacity of 150 attendees from Georgia Tech and 9 other universities. This position also required me to engage with local industry leaders, as the event included an industry panel and booths hosted by a variety of regional firms. Through interacting with multiple departments, schools, companies and funding sources, I organized a rotation for host schools in the Southeast region that is still in place today.

This experience running these Biomaterials Day events could be a useful resource as I believe the ideal engineering curriculum draws heavily from both industry demands and successful practices of other universities.

This would be an exciting role for me, as I am extremely passionate about engineering education, and I am happy to volunteer my time to further the programs of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Dianne Hansford 

I have been a lecturer in CIDSE since 2016. My research interests are in the field of geometric modeling with a focus on industrial curve and surface applications related to the mathematical definitions of shape. I started my career as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Germany. Since then, I have worked in the CAD/CAM industry, co-founded the company 3D Compression Technologies and co-authored three textbooks: “The Essentials of CAGD,” “Practical Linear Algebra: A Geometry Toolbox” and “Mathematical Principles for Scientific Computing and Visualization.” As a research scientist and associate research professor at ASU (2004-2009), I was a member of the Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM) lab.

I am pleased to put my name forward as a candidate for Secretary of the Executive Committee of the AFSE.  I view this as an excellent opportunity to serve and promote the FSE mission. I believe that on some issues, the executive committee would benefit from a lecturer’s perspective. I am also motivated by the prospect of learning more about FSE and then leveraging this knowledge to contribute more in the future.

Thank you for your consideration!


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