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Portrait of Mariana BertoniOn March 15, 2018, the National Academy of Engineering announced that a Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering Grant of $30,000 was awarded to Mariana Bertoni and Jenny Sabin of Cornell University for a project entitled “Sustainable Architecture and Aesthetics: Emergent Design for High Performance Solar Panels.”

Through their combined expertise, Bertoni and Sabin plan to innovate the design and engineering of building integrated photovoltaic cells used in the generation of solar power. They will work on advancements in computation and 3D printing in order to create highly-customized filters and panel assemblies that enhance both performance of light absorption for energy generation and architectural beauty.

The work is partly aimed at exciting the general public about the importance of using sustainable building practices in homes, offices and public domains.

Read more about Bertoni’s experience at the 2017 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium last September on Full Circle

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