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The future has a big change in store for power generation and transportation. And, it starts with key advances in gas turbine technologies.

Professor Emeritus Joseph Y. Hui at Arizona State University has designed the Monarch Turbine Electric Airplane with an innovative gas turbine called the Jet Polygon Electric Generator. This generator powers multiple turbo electric fans so the aircraft can achieve lift and propulsion with over-the-wing airflow. The aircraft also has the capability to manipulate the direction of its engine’s thrust to achieve vertical take-off and landing. This design could be used for unmanned aviation vehicles and automated air taxis.

Hui’s passion lies in sustainability and renewable energy. As such, this gas turbine can also use clean and renewable concentrated solar energy with backup generation by natural gas when there is no sunlight.

In April, Hui will present his innovative turbine design and its capacity for use in hypersonic jets, along with his career-long achievements as an inventor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China.

Bring Hui to speak to your class or student org

If you’d like to have Hui speak to your class or student organization at ASU, please contact him at He can discuss the use of integrated turbine, ramjet and rockets for safe, affordable space and intercontinental travel, or any of his other inventions.

About Hui

Hui is a professor emeritus of electrical, computer and energy engineering in Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. He is president and CEO of Monarch Power Corp, which is devoted to renewable and clean energy generation and use. He’s passionate about helping people live a comfortable and sustainable life through his inventions. He holds many patents in wireless communications, broadband switching, cloud computing, electric motors, gas turbines, air conditioning and water desalination.

Professor Hui earned his BS (1981), MS (1981), EE (1982) and PhD (1983) degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in electrical engineering and computer science. He is an IEEE Fellow, an NSF Presidential Young Investigator and held the ISS Chair at ASU. He has many publications, including two books called “Switching and Traffic Theory for Integrated Broadband Networks” and “What’s the Matter with Energy.” He has published many videos on YouTube and Facebook under the moniker Solar Man.

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