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Do you know a student who needs additional assistance in his or her science or engineering courses, or help preparing for the FE Exam? 

ASU engineering alumnus and retired structural engineer John Nerison, PE, offers free online tutoring to students for many challenging science and engineering courses, including:

  • statics
  • dynamics
  • mechanics of materials
  • physics
  • structural analysis
  • fluid mechanics
  • calculus
  • electric circuits
  • engineering economics
  • engineering statistics
  • some civil FE subjects
  • some mechanical FE subjects

Nerison can help students who need tutoring throughout the week — even outside normal business hours — for their specific needs, whether it’s an explanation of a specific concept, help with homework or preparation for quizzes and tests.

Check out Nerison’s website for more information, or have students contact him at or call 406-690-3388.

Learn more about John P. Nerison.

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