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As part of the Office of the University Provost’s effort to upgrade ASU’s iSearch directory, all faculty profiles must be revised for consistency and clarity to present a more cohesive, easily navigable directory. Bear in mind that your photo, biography, education and CV are the first things that the public sees when searching you on the internet. Updating your profile will present you, your academic unit and the university in the best light. 

The deadline to update your profile is Sunday, October 1, 2017.

To update your profile, there are nine discrete sections which require your attention. Note: much of the information designated for some of these sections very well may exist in your biography. Review the biography tab first and move any relevant information to the appropriate section.

Sections requiring updates are: 

  • Biography, which includes two biographies, education information, your CV and images, video and audio. For the biographies, write in the third person and refer to the ASU writing style guide. The biography should be no more than 300 words and no less than 100 words, providing a strong overarching snapshot of scholarly or service efforts, with the detailed information moved into applicable sections, such as Service, Awards and Honors, Publications, etc. The short bio should be a maximum of 40 words. Refer to this sample biography as a guide
  • Basic, which includes options to upload your Office of the Provost-approved photo and links to edit your email address, phone number and location.
  • Links, where you may insert links to your professional social media accounts and website. The links are represented by maroon icons and render under your profile photo. Please be sure to refer to the ASU Social Media practices.
  • Affiliations, where there is an option to contact your directory administrators to update your primary affiliation. Secondary affiliations, such as Sustainability Scientist and adjunct positions, should be included in your bio text.
  • Expertise Areas, where you may add a maximum of 10 Expertise Areas. If your area of expertise is not listed, contact your directory administrator. Keep in mind that this allows others, such as reporters, to search by expertise.
  • Research, which offers the public a picture of your research activities and accomplishments. Sections available here include Research Website, Google Scholar, Research Interests, Research Group, Publications, Research and Research Activity. Refer to this example for a guideline
  • Public Work, which is intended to give the public an overview of your public work activities and accomplishments. Sections that may be filled out include Honors and Awards, Editorships, Professional Associations, Graduate Faculties and Mentoring History, Work History and Service.
  • Industry Experience, provides a look at your efforts outside of academia. Sections that may be populated here include Consulting, Board, Industry Positions, Graduate Faculties and Mentoring History and Pro Bono.
  • Settings, where you can check off two boxes. One allows you to edit. The other allows another user to edit your profile.

Remember that your photo, Affiliations, Biography, Short Bio, Education and CV are the first things that the public sees. Updating your profile will present the best possible public image for you, your academic unit and the university. 

For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to update your profile in accordance with university standards, visit the Enterprise Brand and Marketing Guide.

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