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Advancing data science will advance scientific discovery, innovation and translation. The University of Notre Dame’s Nitesh Chawla will present his research and vision for fostering innovation in data and network science and societal relevance of research.

Interdisciplinarity of Data Science: Driving Innovation and Advancing the Common Good
Presented by Nitesh Chawla, University of Notre Dame

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Research Presentation: 2:45–3:30 p.m.
Vision Presentation: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Brickyard (BYENG) 210, Tempe campus [map]


Data Science, broadly, is a robust and developing scientific paradigm made possible by 1) major methodological and computational advances; 2) the increasing availability of big data and problems in sciences, engineering, business and the social sciences; and 3) an increasing demand from academia, research institutions, businesses and the U.S. government for data scientists. It is presenting unparalleled opportunities to accelerate scientific discovery, innovation and translation. In this talk, I’ll present elements of my research program and vision fostering innovation in data and network science while also tackling research problems of societal relevance.

About the speaker

Nitesh Chawla is the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and director of the research center on network and data sciences (Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications) at the University of Notre Dame. He started his tenure-track career at Notre Dame in 2007, and quickly advanced from assistant professor to the chaired full professor position in 2016. He has brought in more than $19.5M in research funding.

He has received numerous awards for research, scholarship and teaching. He is the recipient of the 2015 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding Early Career Award, the IBM Watson Faculty Award, the IBM Big Data and Analytics Faculty Award, National Academy of Engineering New Faculty Fellowship, and his doctoral dissertation also received the Outstanding Dissertation Award. In recognition of the societal and community driven impact of his research, he was recognized with the Rodney Ganey Award and Michiana 40 Under 40. He is a two-time recipient of Outstanding Teaching Award at Notre Dame. He is a Fellow of the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, Fellow of the Institute of Asia and Asian Studies and Fellow of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame.

Chawla is the founder of Aunalytics, a data science company.

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