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The Arizona State University Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is going to India! The group is planning an assessment trip for several sites in Pune, India, this December.

The Varoti Khurd community suffers from water shortages and water contamination because the community does not possess the infrastructure to harvest the water that they receive during Monsoon seasons. Women from all ages have to walk more than 3 km to collect water or wait for water trucks that occasionally arrive to the village. At the same time, the water is contaminated if it is stored in open ponds due to human and animal activities.

A team of eight students and Greg Rodzenko, one of our professional mentors, will be traveling to the Varoti Khurd community in the outskirts of Pune in December 2016 to assess the community’s necessities and prioritize the issues with the most pressing needs.

To support our team’s travel, living and eating expenses while in India, ASU Engineers Without Borders has set a fundraising goal of $3,000. Any amount is greatly appreciated; your gift will help them to reach their goals and get to India! If you would like to know more about the project and the team, or feel so inclined as to donate to the cause, visit their ASU Foundation Pitchfunder site.

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