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United Way This CloseThere has never been a more successful ASU-United Way Annual Giving Campaign and we’re right on track to meet our financial goal.

So far the Fulton Schools have gathered pledges for just more than $40,000, which represents about 88 percent of the overall goal of $45,000. We have had responses from a quarter of all Engineering staff and faculty, with some teams surpassing 80 percent participation. (Last year we had a less than a 10 percent response rate.)

ASU’s overall goal is $725,000, with funds raised currently totaling $504,501 (about 82 percent). Your contributions make a huge difference in our community.

Local United Way organizations bring together partners from every sector – public, business, non-profit and faith-based organizations — to get things done and achieve community objectives like ensuring success for children and youth, addressing hunger and homelessness and increasing financial stability for families and individuals. And, instead of ASU faculty and staff being approached by dozens of agencies that provide critical community services, United Way provides a one-time, annual fundraising initiative that makes it easy to contribute — through payroll deduction.

Employees have the option of deciding where their contributions will go; undesignated donations are distributed through a rigorous allocations process that carefully examines community needs.

Submit your form to participate — no contribution required

In addition to meeting our fundraising goal, we can make this year a banner year by also increasing our team participation levels, which are measured by completed forms — not contributed dollars.  

To complete the form:

  • Sign in to
  • Under “My Tasks” (on the right), there should be a check box in the “To Do” section for “ASU United Way Campaign.”
  • When you click on that, there will be a drop-down box with a link that will take you to the ASU United Way page. From there you can go to a variety of info pages or just click “Donate today” to bring up the next step.
  • Click on  GIVE NOW toward the end of that page to bring up the form.
  • You do not need to make a donation to complete the form.

Please help the Fulton Schools reach its goal of 100 percent participation and $45,000!  

Rick Martorano
2016 United Way Campaign Chair

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