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It’s never too early for students to start thinking about their careers. Here at the Fulton Schools we have several opportunities for students to customize their college experience to best prepare themselves for future careers.

Hammond_Robin_2879wCareer Center

From determining the right major for a student’s career goals to résumé and interviewing help to networking and meeting with potential employers, the Fulton Schools Career Center can help students with it all.

Robin Hammond is the founding Director of the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is dedicated to helping students develop career-readiness skills and connect with employers offering exciting internship and career opportunities.

Contact the Career Center at 480-965-2966,, or find more information about how to get in contact with the correct resources.


Donahue_Joyce_9126wCareer Exploration Night

Just as they’re starting their college careers, our Fulton Schools freshmen will have the chance to explore their futures at Career Exploration Night, October 18 and 26. At this event, students can conduct informational interviews with professionals who have the careers they want and see what they did in college to get where they are now.

Joyce Donahue is a career counselor in the Fulton School Career Center. She is responsible for all undergraduate career development, with emphasis on freshmen programming including the two Career Exploration Nights in fall. She also writes Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week in Inner Circle.


Career Fair

Pappagallo_Cher_0387-Majure_Lauren_0394wEach semester students and alumni have the chance to meet with employers looking to recruit from the Fulton Schools. This year, Career Fair is September 27-29. Students can look for jobs and internships, as well as volunteer and serve as employer liaisons, which give additional networking opportunities.

Cher Stevens and Lauren Majure are Industry Relations Coordinator Seniors. Lauren works with employers whose names begin with the letters A–L and Cher works with employers M–Z. In addition to leading the fall and spring career fairs, they guide employers on effective strategies for recruiting engineering students to fill full-time, internship, and co-op positions. They also support the Fulton Schools’ mission by advancing employers’ engagement opportunities and educational partnerships.

Students can find information about volunteering for career fairs through announcements in Inner Circle, and can learn about becoming employer liaisons from their student org leadership and advisors.

Internships and Cooperative Education program

Classes and projects offer students great experience to put on their resumes, but internships and cooperative education programs can give practical work experience. Internships are usually one summer of supervised work experience related to a student’s chosen career field. The Cooperative Education Program (co-op) is a longer-term commitment of a summer-fall or spring-summer, or that alternates semesters of formal classroom education with major-related practical work experience. These are paid opportunities that help students’ professional, personal and skill development. Experiential learning is key element to an engineer’s transition from school-to-work.

Internships are run out of each school. Cooperative education is overseen by Mike Radoccia, Career Development Specialist. Mike coordinates the Co-op program at Fulton Schools Career Center. He has a background in industry and engineering. After retiring, he joined the staff part-time at the Fulton Schools Career Center to implement a structured Co-op program. The Co-op program is flexible for both students and industry.  Mike’s goal is to help engineers transition from school-to-work, whether it is through a Co-op or internship assignment, experiential learning is a key part of that transition.

Stuempfle_David_3874wAccelerated bachelor’s and master’s programs (4+1)

Advanced degrees can give students a leg up in the job market, and the Fulton Schools provides a great opportunity for students in 20 degree programs to get accelerated bachelor’s plus master’s degree as part of the 4+1 program. It’s a cost-effective way for students to gain additional technical depth and specialization that can lead to expanded career opportunities as well as preparation for doctoral studies.

David Stuempfle is Associate Director of Student Recruitment. He introduces the 4+1 programs to students. Once students are ready to apply, they can work with their school’s advising department to apply for the program. Contact David at


Silva_Jade_0034.wFulton Leadership Institute

Do you have a budding leader in any of your classes? The Fulton Leadership Institute is designed for emerging leaders who want to enhance their leadership experience through curricular, co-curricular and mentorship opportunities focused on leadership building and enhancement. To get involved, students can enroll in a one-credit course, FSE 194: Exploring Leadership Potential.

Jade Silva, coordinator senior for student engagement, oversees the Fulton Leadership Institute. She teaches FSE 194 and manages the program requirements, admissions and creates opportunities outside of the classroom for leadership learning.

Contact Jade at or 480-727-2013.

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