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Jade Silva and Cortney Loui

Jade Silva and Cortney Loui

It’s a new school year, and time for our new and returning students to get involved in new opportunities. We have three great ways for our students meet like-minded students and have fun at the Fulton Schools. Meet the staff behind some of our excellent extracurricular activities.

Student organizations and teams

We have more than 60 student organizations and teams for a variety of student interests, including honors and professional societies, diversity organizations, service and major-specific groups and competitive teams.

Cortney Loui, coordinator of student engagement, is the go-to person for the Fulton Schools Student Organization promotion, membership retention, Dean’s Funding, officer development, safety training, communication and more.

Loui joined ASU in 2013 and has a bachelor’s in public relations and a master’s in college student development from Oklahoma State University. Student orgs aren’t her only role — she also works with undergraduate research, the Academic Bowl, and offers free yoga classes to Fulton Schools faculty, staff and students.

Contact Cortney about student orgs at or 480-965-3765.

Academic Bowl

The Academic Bowl gives students the chance to represent the Fulton Schools in a university-wide competition. Teams from ASU’s colleges and schools compete against each other in lightning-fast question-and-answer rounds that cover a wide variety of topics. In 2015 our team took home second prize — so encourage your students to join to help us bring home first. Tryouts are August 30–September 2, and the competition is November 7–9, 2016.  

Cortney Loui also supports Academic Bowl teams and coordinates tryouts.

Fulton Diversity Initiatives

Fulton Schools students come from all around the world, and they have the opportunity to engage with our diverse community through Heritage Month events, a speaker series and professional development programming to increase awareness, celebrate diversity and build community.

Jade Silva, coordinator senior for student engagement, is passionate about diversity and inclusion and provides opportunities for students to grow and find their passion.

Silva has 10 years of experience working in multicultural affairs, student success, student engagement, recruitment and outreach. She previously worked at the University of Iowa’s Center for Diversity and Enrichment. She has a bachelor’s in Spanish from the University of Iowa and a master’s in higher and post-secondary education from ASU.

Contact Jade Silva at or 480-727-2013.

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