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Award Title Award Number Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
In-Situ Remediation of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Impacted Vadose Zone Soils: Strategy and Management Approach for Innovation 026046-001 1414340 Johnson,Paul Carr Dahlen,Paul R; Halden,Rolf; Kavazanjian,Edward; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Westerhoff,Paul Chevron Energy and Technology Company
Diamond Power Transistors Enabled by Phosphorus Doped Diamond 027422-001 743992 Nemanich,Robert John Chowdhury,Srabanti; Goodnick,Stephen Marshall DOE: Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)
Value through the voices: Exploring making and its impact on engineering identity formation of underrepresented groups 030206-001 599905 Kellam,Nadia Nicole Kellam,Nadia Nicole NSF-ENG: Division of Engineering Education Centers (EEC)
ACEPS: Center for the Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems 009616-001 479200 Heydt,Gerald Heydt,Gerald; Karady,George G; Tylavsky,Daniel John; Vittal,Vijay Salt River Project (SRP)
Photothermal Nanocomposites for Tissue Repair 029217-001 369021 Rege,Kaushal Rege,Kaushal; Stabenfeldt,Sarah E HHS-NIH: Nat Inst Biomed Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)
Sensor and Communications Convergence 030047-001 309548 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Synthetic Substrates for the Expansion and Differentiation of hPSC-derived NPCs 030170-001 235952 Brafman,David Adam Brafman,David Adam HHS-NIH: Nat Inst Biomed Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)
Collaborative Research: Resource Allocation for Time-Critical Communications in Wireless Networks 030238-001 200000 Ying,Lei Ying,Lei NSF-ENG: Div Electrical, Communications Cyber Sys (ECCS)
Sound Assisted Low Temperature Spalling for Low Cost Silicon Modules 030235-001 179284 Bertoni,Mariana Ines Bertoni,Mariana Ines DOE: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Resonator Defect Study 030272-001 179191 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan US Department of Defense (DOD)
Collaborative Research: Workshops to Develop a Community-Informed Framework Characterizing the Impact of Engineering Education RD 030202-001 160658 London,Jeremi Shavonda London,Jeremi Shavonda NSF-ENG: Division of Engineering Education Centers (EEC)
Quantitative label-free imaging of membrane protein interaction kinetics on cells 027819-001 142757 Wang,Shaopeng Tao,Nongjian HHS-NIH: National Inst of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)
A Mixed-Mode Hardware Platform for Spiking Neural Networks 029898-001 138219 Cao,Yu Cao,Yu; Seo,Jae-Sun; Yu,Shimeng Draper Laboratories
Development of Self-Sealing and Self-Decontaminating Smart Apparel: Towards Breathable Personal Protection Gear 030155-001 130000 Rykaczewski,Konrad Rykaczewski,Konrad DOD-NAVY: Naval Seas System Command (NAVSEA)
Dynamic Fracture in Dealloying Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking 025855-001 127824 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl DOE: Chicago Service Center
Direct Microstructure Quantification and Property Prediction of Porous Materials from x-ray Tomography Data 030284-001 110000 Jiao,Yang Jiao,Yang ACS: Petroleum Research Fund
SusChEM: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Engineering the Hollow-Fiber Membrane Biofilm Reactor to Convert Syngas to Valuable Products 030280-001 104511 Rittmann,Bruce Edward Rittmann,Bruce Edward NSF: Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
CAREER: Reversible plasticity in nanocrystalline metals and alloys for shape memory applications 028511-001 101102 Rajagopalan,Jagannathan Rajagopalan,Jagannathan NSF-MPS: Division of Materials Research (DMR)
Best Value Instruction and Support with Tremco 027054-001 100000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T Tremco, Inc.
Bioelectrical Interfaces using Neural Slurries (BINS) 030198-001 100000 Muthuswamy,Jitendran Muthuswamy,Jitendran; Towe,Bruce C DOD-DARPA: Biological Technologies Office (BTO)
Tear Biomarker Diagnostic Device 028085-001 92985 Labelle,Jeffrey T Blain Christen,Jennifer Mary; Labelle,Jeffrey T; Spano,Mark L. Advanced Tear Diagnostics
Design Rules for Vertical Paper-based Immuno-Diagnostic System (VPI-DS) 030268-001 92224 Montgomery,Douglas C Montgomery,Douglas C DOD: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
CAREER: Molecular Sieve Inclusion Nanocomposite (MoSIN) Membranes for Liquid Separations 026246-001 91031 Lind,Mary Laura Lind,Mary Laura NSF-ENG: Div Chem, BioEng, Environ, Transport Systems (CBET)
Dynamic Reserve Policies for Market Management Systems 027683-001 90000 Hedman,Kory W Hedman,Kory W DOE: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Training Students in the Use of Materials Characterization Tools to Investigate Interfaces at Nanoscale Dimension (ASUF 30006668) 028900-001 88344 Alford,Terry Lynn Alford,Terry Lynn; Crozier,Peter Maxwell Technologies, Inc
PF: Acquisition of Cleanroom Research Equipment to Support Ongoing DoD Programs at ASU 030246-001 87609 Zhang,Yong-Hang Johnson,Shane Richard; Zhang,Yong-Hang DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
Experimental Designs for OTE: Optimal Multi-response Designs and Augmented Definitive Screening Designs – ODEX 030164-001 85000 Montgomery,Douglas C Montgomery,Douglas C DOD: Army
Scalable Control of Adaptive Multi-Robot Systems in Inaccessible Environments 030192-001 85000 Berman,Spring Melody Berman,Spring Melody DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Low-Cost Nanostructured Substrates for Efficient Epitaxial Lift-Off of III-V Solar Cells 030183-001 83054 Ning,Cun-Zheng Ning,Cun-Zheng US Department of Energy (DOE)
Ontario University Collaborative (OUC) Arizona State University (ASU) Best Value (BV) Strategic Initiative 027350-001 76000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Sullivan,Kenneth T University of Western Ontario
Development and Validation of Artifical Soiling Methods 029709-001 75000 Tamizhmani,Govindasamy Tamizhmani,Govindasamy US Department of Energy (DOE)
Graphene Detector Design Modeling and Fabrication Growth of Epitaxial Layers on Wafers Using Bismuth 030167-001 75000 Johnson,Shane Richard Johnson,Shane Richard; Zhang,Yong-Hang DOE: Sandia National Laboratories
Microstructural Characterization of Thermo-Mechanically Fatigued Superalloys 030162-001 75000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi US Department of Defense (DOD)
JRP (SRP): Removing heavy metals from discharge water by adsorption to 2D nanomaterials on 3D scaffolds 030298-001 68182 Wang,Qing Hua Wang,Qing Hua Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP (SRP): An Ultrafast Realtime Sensing of Metal Ions for Discharge Water Quality Monitoring at SRP generating stations 030300-001 66024 He,Ximin He,Ximin Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP (SRP): Automated Imagery Data Collection and Analysis for Efficient and Effective Underwater Inspection of Canals 030288-001 63572 Tang,Pingbo Tang,Pingbo Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP(SRP): Selenium Removal from SRP Waters using Composite Adsorbent Materials with High Specificity and Low Contact Times 030292-001 62982 Chan,Candace Kay Chan,Candace Kay Salt River Project (SRP)
ASU and Intel CID-NPG Collaboration 029912-001 60000 Ahn,Gail-Joon Ahn,Gail-Joon Intel Corporation
SRPASU Cooperative Agreement 025002-001 59996 Westerhoff,Paul Chan,Candace Kay; Fox,Peter; Lee,Taewoo; Parrish,Kristen; Peet,Matthew M; Westerhoff,Paul Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP (SRP): Automated Encroachment Condition Assessment along SRP Canals with Unmanned Aircraft Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Phase 2 030294-001 55662 Grau Torrent,David Grau Torrent,David Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP(SRP): Assessing the Effects Of Various Precooling Strategies for Small Commercial Building Load Shifting in SRPs Service Area 030295-001 53449 Parrish,Kristen Parrish,Kristen Salt River Project (SRP)
JRP (SRP): Determining RCRA Hazardous Waste Characteristics of Decommissioned Photo-Voltaic Panels 030290-001 51840 Hristovski,Kiril D Hristovski,Kiril D Salt River Project (SRP)
AZ Water Funds: Phoenix Metro Vulnerability and Resilience Salt-Verde Analysis for the Every Drop Counts Initiative 030233-001 50000 Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle Nature Conservancy
Electricity Vulnerability to Climate Change 030181-001 49080 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail California Energy Commission
VACCINE: Visual Analytics for Command Control Interoperability National Security and Emergencies 026243-001 47979 Maciejewski,Ross Maciejewski,Ross Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
High Hesitivity Magnetic Materials for Magnetic Toroid and Flat Dipole Antennas 030187-001 44076 Aberle,James T Aberle,James T; Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique; Sieradzki,Karl DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
ATD Project: IRP No 1 030277-001 40000 Labelle,Jeffrey T Labelle,Jeffrey T Advanced Tear Diagnostics
Improving the Robustness of Deployed Machine Learning Algorithms N00014-14-1-0722 027747-001 38828 Berisha,Visar Shahin Berisha,Visar Shahin DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
JRP (SRP): Anomaly Detection and Qualitative Analysis of Water Resource Environments Using Panoramic Imaging 030296-001 37437 Lee,Taewoo Lee,Taewoo Salt River Project (SRP)
Correlative study of defects in semiconductors (Research Topic Area 43 Electronic Sensing) 030230-001 33279 Smith,David John Zhang,Yong-Hang DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
2016-2017 IBM PhD Fellowship 030204-001 30000 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao IBM
Radiation Hardened Memristive Technologies for Space-Based Nonvalatile Memory 029099-001 30000 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James; Holbert,Keith Edwin; Kozicki,Michael N; Yu,Shimeng DOD-USAF: Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
Empowering Leadership to Transform Arizona’s Water Future 030224-001 26101 Quay,Raymond G Maciejewski,Ross Arizona Community Foundation
VOLTTRON Controller for Integrated Energy Systems to Enable Economic Dispatch Improve Energy Efficiency and Grid Reliability 029906-001 25000 Reddy,T Agami Reddy,T Agami Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Secure Co-Design Architectures for Large Scale Environments (SCALE) 030301-001 24501 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-NAVY: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR)
Participant Support for US-Based Students to Attend the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2016) 030185-001 24000 He,Jingrui He,Jingrui NSF-CISE: Division of Information Intelligent Systems (IIS)
Solar-Powered Conversion of CO2 into High-Value Carbon Raw Materials 030209-001 23550 Tao,Meng Tao,Meng Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Novel semiconductor device fabrication processing and testing 029567-001 22206 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan Tri Alpha Energy
Social Media Analytics for Bot 029089-001 21000 Liu,Huan Liu,Huan US Department of Defense (DOD)
Bayer Project Support 030184-001 20000 Westerhoff,Paul Hristovski,Kiril D; Westerhoff,Paul ARCADIS US Inc
CAREER: III: Modeling the Heterogeneity of Heterogeneity: Algorithms Theories and Applications 029585-001 16000 He,Jingrui He,Jingrui NSF-CISE: Division of Information Intelligent Systems (IIS)
Dexterous Hand Control Through Fascicular Targeting (DEFT) 028718-001 15000 Helms Tillery,Stephen I Helms Tillery,Stephen I DOD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Task Assignment: MPD 053-15 Product Evaluation Services-Materials 028798-001 14934 Mobasher,Barzin Mobasher,Barzin DOT: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
University Transportation Centers Program – National YR3 029341-001 14721 Kaloush,Kamil Elias Chester,Mikhail; El Asmar,Mounir; Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Lou,Yingyan; Mamlouk,Michael Sobhi; Underwood,Benjamin Shane; Wang,Zhihua; Zhou,Xuesong US Department of Transportation (DOT)
CAREER: Bioinspired Adaptively Reconfigurable Material Systems for Programmable and Autonomous Metal Ion Separations 029712-001 12000 He,Ximin He,Ximin NSF-ENG: Div Chem, BioEng, Environ, Transport Systems (CBET)
NEWT Project: Evaluation of electropositive filtration for fouling mitigation in membrane-based treatment of tertiary wastewater effluents 030260-001 11000 Perreault,Francois Perreault,Francois; Sinha,Shahnawaz; Westerhoff,Paul Ahlstrom Filtration, LLC
Soil Suction Surrogates for Furthering Complete-Stress-State Solutions to Expansive Soil Problems 029178-001 10000 Houston,Sandra L Houston,Sandra L NSF-ENG: Div Civil, Mech, Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI)
Ranking and Clustering in Signed and Weighted Bipartite Graphs 030188-001 9500 Davulcu,Hasan Davulcu,Hasan DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Cyber Warfare Simulation Environment 028273-001 8706 Mckenna,Ann Frances Cooke,Nancy Jaworski US Department of Defense (DOD)
Analytical and field support for ESTCP Project ER2013-22 030179-001 7500 Dahlen,Paul R Guo,Yuanming Geosyntec Consultants
Research training in drug abuseHIV prevention: closing the research-practice gap 028925-001 6731 Chassin,Laurie Atkinson,Robert Kenneth; Rivera,Daniel E HHS-NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
SWIMSAT 030201-001 5500 Asphaug,Erik Barnaby,Hugh James Utah State University
CARBONATION OF IRON POWDER: A NOVEL PARADIGM FOR A NEW GENERATION OF SPECIAL-PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL MATERIALS 028672-001 5000 Neithalath,Narayanan Neithalath,Narayanan; Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma; Solanki,Kiran N. NSF-ENG: Div Civil, Mech, Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI)
Residual: Anshuman Razdan 030191-001 2567 Razdan,Anshuman Razdan,Anshuman Fixed Price Residual

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