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Paul Westerhoff

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Paul Westerhoff will assume the interim role of vice dean for Research and Innovation. In this new role, Paul will lead the design and implementation of strategies to accelerate the growth of our research enterprise as well as support faculty development in funded research competitiveness and leadership development and networking. Growth of our research will require comprehensive engagement of stakeholders within the Fulton Schools, throughout ASU and beyond, for which Paul is well suited to provide leadership.

Paul joined ASU in 1995 after earning his doctorate in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has served in a variety of administrative appointments including department chair, school director and associate dean for the Fulton Schools as well as the senior advisor on Science and Engineering to the Provost.

His current research is focused on water issues involving Arizona, though these tend to address many global challenges as well. He is leading a number of multidisciplinary research activities as director of the EPA Center on Life Cycle of Nanomaterials and deputy director of the NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nano-enabled Water Treatment Technologies.

With this transition, Yong-Hang Zhang will become director of the ASU CSSER/Nanofab. As associate dean for Research, Yong-Hang has ably guided the continued growth of the Fulton Schools’ research enterprise — relative to FY15, FY16 has a more than 12 percent increase in research awards and a 20 percent increase in dollar amount of submitted proposals. His experiences as ADR and his vested interest as a long-time user of CSSER/Nanofab, will serve him well in his new role. Yong-Hang will provide key leadership in addressing near-term needs and opportunities for future growth of theCSSER/Nanofab, including growing the user base as it continues to provide a key resource for our students and faculty to advance their research.

Please join me in thanking Yong-Hang for his contributions as associate dean for research and congratulating both Yong-Hang and Paul in these new roles.



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