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Award Title Award Number Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
ASU NUST MOA Exchange Visits Workshops 030052-001 635113 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe US Agency for International Development (USAID)
ASU UETP MOA Exchange Visits Workshops 030043-001 635113 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Integrated Nanopillar-Nanochannel Fluidic Systems for Optimal Linearization and Controlled Manipulation of Long DNA Molecules 030024-001 480000 Wang,Chao Wang,Chao Roche Laboratories Inc.
Direct Functional Imaging of Electrical Brain Stimulation 027489-001 441646 Sadleir,Rosalind Jane Kodibagkar,Vikram D; Sadleir,Rosalind Jane; Spano,Mark L. HHS-NIH – Nat Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Integrated personalized real-time traveler information and incentive technology for optimizing energy efficiency in multimodal transportation system 029992-001 397617 Zhou,Xuesong Zhou,Xuesong DOE: Office of ARPA-E
App Maker Pro (AMP): Motivating STEM Study through App Development 028872-001 284461 Greenes,Carole E. Amresh,Ashish; Greenes,Carole E.; Hjelmstad,Keith D; Karam,Lina; Lindquist,Timothy E NSF-EHR: Div Res Learning in Formal Informal Settings (DRL)
Wastewater Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cells with Peroxide Production 026036-001 268020 Torres,Cesar I Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I; Tsakalis,Konstantinos DOD-Strategic Environmental Research Development Program
A Novel TrkB Agonist To Promote Motor Recovery After TBI 028661-001 224361 Kleim,Jeffrey Allan Kleim,Jeffrey Allan HHS-NIH – Nat Institute of Neurological Disorders ans Stroke
A Current Scalable 100mA to 10A Range All Digital Point of Load Regulator for Harsh Environments 028531-001 215000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)
MPD 024-16 H80SPR745 Developing Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Mix Designs for Arizona Bridge Elem 030029-001 196084 Mobasher,Barzin Mobasher,Barzin; Neithalath,Narayanan DOT-Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Cold Logic Program (Tasks 14-20) 029978-001 187844 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan Northrop Grumman
Integrity and Reliability of Integrated Circuits (IRIS) Phase III 030032-001 170856 Cao,Yu Cao,Yu DOD-DARPA-Microsystems Technology Office (MTO)
RADAR: A Framework for Human in the Loop Planning and Data Based Decision Support 028506-001 165000 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Sensor and Communications Convergence 030047-001 150000 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Estimation and Registration in Distributed Sensing Systems 025604-001 139345 Cochran,Douglas Cochran,Douglas DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Emerging Trends in Muslim Discourse: The Rise of Religious Intolerance Sectarianism and Shariah Consciousness N00014-14-0477 027901-001 125000 Woodward,Mark Rhey Davulcu,Hasan DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Physics-Based Models for Mid-IR Bismide Semiconductor Lasers 030000-001 125000 Johnson,Shane Richard Johnson,Shane Richard DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Mid-Infrared Laser Frequency Comb Generation Based on Ultrafast All-Optical Graphene-Metasurface Modulators 029994-001 119370 Yao,Yu Yao,Yu DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Reasoning about Cyber Attribution 028998-001 105180 Shakarian,Paulo Shakarian,Paulo DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Towards Optimal Teams in Composite Networks 030042-001 103731 Tong,Hanghang Tong,Hanghang DOD-Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
3D Printing for Congenital Heart Defect Repair Planning: the Future is Now 030004-001 100000 Frakes,David Frakes,David Women and Philanthropy
Characterizing dynamic responses of advanced engineering materials 028691-001 100000 Solanki,Kiran N. Solanki,Kiran N. DOD-Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Collaborative Center for Structural Science 026552-001 100000 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul DOD-USAF: Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
Long Sea: Modeling of RF Propagation over Long Sea Surfaces with 3D Material Discontinuities 028640-001 100000 Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Building Energy-Efficient Data Center Accelerator for Deep Neuron Network by Harnessing the Power of Multi-FPGA Cluster 030022-001 99992 Ren,Fengbo Ren,Fengbo Cisco Systems Inc
CAREER: Quantitative Imaging of Tissue Oxygenation 027524-001 88503 Kodibagkar,Vikram D Kodibagkar,Vikram D NSF-ENG: Div Chem, BioEng, Environ, Transport Systems (CBET)
Engineered Fiber Blends for Asphalt Concrete 030009-001 80600 Underwood,Benjamin Shane Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Stempihar,Jeffrey John; Underwood,Benjamin Shane FORTA Corporation
Dissecting Social Dynamics and Malware Attributions for Mitigating Network-centric Attacks 030040-001 80000 Ahn,Gail-Joon Ahn,Gail-Joon DOD-Army Materiel Command (AMC)
Modulation-Doped Heterovalent Structures for High-Speed Electronic Device Applications 028863-001 76319 Zhang,Yong-Hang Zhang,Yong-Hang DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Voltage Instability Using P-V Analysis 030049-001 75000 Vittal,Vijay Tylavsky,Daniel John; Vittal,Vijay Electric Power Research Institute
Corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking in Naval structural joints: A theoretical and experimental investigation 029579-001 70335 Solanki,Kiran N. Chawla,Nikhilesh; Solanki,Kiran N. DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
ASU Stem Cell Training and Research 030003-001 70000 Brafman,David Adam Brafman,David Adam Women and Philanthropy
NASA SMD Exploration Connection 029856-001 62062 Elkins-Tanton,Linda Parazynski,Scott NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Damage Tolerant Design for Safer Critical Infrastructures 030027-001 60660 Yekani Fard,Masoud Yekani Fard,Masoud Pipe Reconstruction, Inc.
Phase III SBIR N08-006 DO 0007 IAT of HeloTrack for the P-8A 029977-001 60000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
SRN: Urban Water Innovation Network (U-WIN): Transitioning Toward Sustainable Water Systems 029327-001 58358 Georgescu,Matei Wang,Zhihua NSF-ENG: Div Chem, BioEng, Environ, Transport Systems (CBET)
High-Memory Workstations in Support of DoD-Sponsored Cyber-Socio Research 030036-001 53450 Shakarian,Paulo Shakarian,Paulo DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
Learning Robust Recognition Models for Video Events Using Planning-based Semantic Feedback 027804-001 51328 Li,Baoxin Li,Baoxin DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
Complex Human Liver Organoids: A Living Technology Platform towards Modelling Human Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis 030041-001 50408 Ebrahimkhani,Mohammad Reza Ebrahimkhani,Mohammad Reza Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Next Generation Precision Diagnostics for Brain Injury 028306-001 50000 Stabenfeldt,Sarah E Kodibagkar,Vikram D; Stabenfeldt,Sarah E Flinn Foundation
Efficient Code and Stack Data Management for the Intel Strawman Architecture 029975-001 50000 Shrivastava,Aviral Shrivastava,Aviral DOE-US Department of Energy
Exploration of Bio-Resorbable Circuits for Concept Demonstration 030054-001 49000 Yu,Hongbin Jiang,Hanqing; Yu,Hongbin Medtronic, Inc
MURI: Value-Centered Information Theory for Adaptive Learning Inference Tracking and Exploitation 025142-001 41613 Cochran,Douglas Cochran,Douglas DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
Collaborative Research: Industry University Cooperative Research Center: Water and Environmental Technology Center (Phase II) 027543-001 40000 Abbaszadegan,Morteza Abbaszadegan,Morteza NSF-ENG: Div of Industrial Innovation Partnerships (IIP)
ATIC: Elucidation Identification and Separation of Bioactive Compounds from a Complex Ecosystem of Microorganisms 026939-001 38665 Dempster,Thomas A Dempster,Thomas A; Gerken,Henri G Health Enhancement Products, Inc.
Mechanoresponsive Polymer-Matrix Composites 030039-001 35759 Green,Matthew D Green,Matthew D DOD-Army Materiel Command (AMC)
Determining Medical Oil Properties Before and After Vaporization 029195-001 32159 Lockhart,Thurmon Eddy Garcia,Antonio Agustin; Santello,Marco Columbia Care
AIMS Consortium 025340-001 30000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi Aims Consortium
BRAID Initiative 2015-2016 029002-001 30000 Askin,Ronald Gene Askin,Ronald Gene Anita Borg Institute
Futures Architectures IRAD (Internal Research and Development) Digital Antenna Array Architecture Thrust 030006-001 30000 Scaglione,Anna Scaglione,Anna Northrop Grumman
Cyber Warfare Simulation Environment 028273-001 26169 Mckenna,Ann Frances Cooke,Nancy Jaworski US Department of Defense (DOD)
Open Source Universal Charge Controller For Off-Grid Power (Phase 1) 029970-001 22300 Johnson,Nathan Gregory Johnson,Nathan Gregory Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Dynamic Multi-Stage Modeling for Commercial Aircraft Contracting 030026-001 20500 Wu,Teresa Wu,Teresa Macaulay-Brown Inc
Conference Proposal: Student and Junior Faculty Travel Support for International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology (ISSST) 2016 030053-001 15000 Seager,Thomas Payson Seager,Thomas Payson NSF-ENG: Div Chem, BioEng, Environ, Transport Systems (CBET)
14-3-3s as Regulators of Prion-like Mode of Alpha-Synuclein Toxicity 028323-001 8986 Sierks,Michael Richard Sierks,Michael Richard HHS-NIH – Nat Institute of Neurological Disorders ans Stroke
Multifunctional Thermoset Polymer Matrix with Self-Sensing and Self-Healing Capabilities 028483-001 6106 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi; Dai,Lenore L DOD: Army Research Office (ARO)
VOLTTRON Controller for Integrated Energy Systems to Enable Economic Dispatch Improve Energy Efficiency and Grid Reliability 029906-001 5000 Reddy,T Agami Reddy,T Agami Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Zero2One Diagnostics 030019-001 5000 Tao,Nongjian Tao,Nongjian Venturewell
DMUU: DCDC III: Transformational Solutions for Urban Water Sustainability Transit 029001-001 1580 White,Dave Douglas Bliss,Nadya T; Maciejewski,Ross; Vivoni,Enrique; Wang,Zhihua; Westerhoff,Paul NSF: Directorate Social, Behavioral Economic Science (SBE)

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