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Jonathan Klane

Jonathan Klane

Jonathan Klane has written parts of two extensive reference books for industry professionals in his field of expertise.

Klane is the assistant director of safety programs for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s Office of Health and Safety.

He authored the chapter “Controlling Workplace Chemical Exposures” in the book  “Managing Hazardous Materials: A Definitive Text,” published by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM).

The book provides a comprehensive look at the hazardous materials management industry and provides core knowledge required to work in the field, Klane says.

The chapter he wrote focuses on industrial hygiene (also called occupational hygiene), the science and practice of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health stressors in the workplace and the environment. The chapter takes the reader through the field of industrial health, including some historical aspects of the industry and current practices in the field.

Read more about the book.

Klane wrote book chapterKlane also wrote the chapter “Training & Communication” in the most recent volume of “Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference ” published by the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals.

The book is a comprehensive overview of the field of hazardous materials management and related sciences. It focuses on the management skills needed by environmental safety professionals who have responsibility for hazardous materials management. It will also be of interest to allied professionals in the safety, engineering, industrial hygiene and general environmental compliance fields.

Chapters cover the science, laws and regulations and management principles needed to properly manage hazardous materials.

The chapter Klane authored is a compendium on how to provide relevant and effective risk communication.  Although the context for the book is safety and hazardous materials, he covers the topics of training and communication from an approach that is applicable to other fields.

Read more about the book.

The topics he writes about relate to his professional responsibilities with the Fulton Schools of Engineering “to elevate the safety culture within the diversity of our 350 or so labs,” he says.

Kalne book chapterIn his job, Klane says he is called on to help in multiple ways.

“I’ve been responsible for such things as laboratory design assistance on combustible dusts, hydrofluoric acid safety training, E2 camp safety review, office air quality and ergonomics,” he says, “and even developing a safety and training policy on hover boards prior to the ASU-wide ban, to list just a few. It’s never a dull moment in our office.”

Klane has also written many articles on industrial health, wellness and training in the field.

He authored the “Manual for Environmental Safety and Health Abbreviations” published by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

He wrote the chapter “Training Delivery” for the how-to manual on implementing the American National Standards Institute Z490 standards on environmental health, safety and training for the National Environmental Safety and Health Association, published by Business and Legal Resources (BLR).

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