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Arizona State University Commission on the Status of WomenHelp us to recognize and honor the outstanding work that is being done across ASU! Each year the Commission on the Status of Women seeks to honor individuals, groups, or teams whose efforts most exemplify and further the mission of the CSW — to identify, advocate for, and increase awareness of needed change in the university in order to enhance opportunities for women and underrepresented groups.

Over the years, the CSW has honored a long list of individuals for contributions such as outstanding advocacy, leadership, mentorship, volunteerism, and research benefiting women and underrepresented groups.  Accordingly the CSW is delighted to announce this call for nominations for our seventeenth annual CSW Outstanding Achievement and Contribution Award. 

Nominations are due by Tuesday, March 29.

All students, faculty, staff, and administrators from all campuses are eligible to nominate and/or to receive the award.  (Please see nomination form for complete rules and procedures).

Award nominations and contributions will be evaluated across the following categories:

Contributions by

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Student Club, Organization, or Team
  • Employee Club, Organization, or Team
  • University Program or Initiative benefitting students, staff, or faculty

Award nominees and recipients will be honored at the CSW Awards Breakfast in April. 

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Engler-Weber, Program Director for the Office of the Provost and the ASU Commission on the Status of Women at

Nomination Instructions:Commission on the Status of Women 2016  Outstanding Achievement and Contribution Award Nomination Form and Information

To nominate an individual, group/team/organization, or program, complete the attached nomination form and submit a letter of nomination which discusses the nominee’s contribution and specifically addresses the following questions:

  • How has the nominee identified or advocated for needed change in the university in order to enhance opportunities for women and underrepresented groups? OR How has the nominee helped and supported the success of women and underrepresented groups?
  • What has the nominee done to make a difference at ASU (or beyond ASU) for women and underrepresented groups?
  • What has been the impact of the nominee’s contributions?

 Special notes about nominations letters:

  • Nomination letters should be at least one full page in length, but no longer than three pages in length.
  • It is recommended that you provide detailed and fully developed information about the nominee’s contributions.  Try to include specific examples.  Please note that the awards committee is not familiar with the nominee or their contributions, therefore, it is important that this information be presented in the letter.
  • For nominees whose contributions are part of their designated job duties, please provide information on how the contributions are above and beyond the scope of the nominee’s normal duties, responsibilities and obligations.

Submit the completed nomination form and nomination letter to Karen Engler-Weber, CSW Program Director at by Tuesday, March 29.

Official Rules:

  • The CSW Award is a one-time honor, therefore previous CSW Award Recipients are ineligible to receive the award a second time.  A complete list of CSW Award recipients can be found at
  • Award categories are utilized for evaluation purposes only.  The number of honors awarded each year will be determined by the CSW Executive Board.  As such, multiple awards may be given in across one category.  The CSW also reserves the right to not award in all categories.
  • Only completed nomination forms and letters will be considered
  • Supporting documentation may be requested for final nominees.  Nominees may be contacted by the CSW with a request for additional information

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