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Award Title Award Number Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
TARGETED THERAPEUTCS FOR TRIPLENEGATIVE BREAST CANCER DISEASE 029611-001 408,244 Rege,Kaushal Rege,Kaushal Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
Cryogenic Computing Complexity (C3) Program 028514-001 380,353 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan ODNI: Intelligence Advanced Res Projects Activity (IARPA)
R2 Signal Processing 028479-001 250,000 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley; Chakrabarti,Chaitali Google Inc.
Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) 029599-001 228,824 Scaglione,Anna Ahn,Gail-Joon; Scaglione,Anna DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
Nano-Pillar Based Lateral-Arrayed Multiple Bandgap Solar Cells 029694-001 180,000 Ning,Cun-Zheng Ning,Cun-Zheng DOE-Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)
Dealloying Microstructure and the CorrosionProtection of Cast Magnesium Alloys 027008-001 162,386 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
Renewable Energy Vocational Training Sierra Leone 029657-001 134,477 Razdan,Anshuman Razdan,Anshuman IBIS is Sierra Leone
UTC – Tier 1 028241-001 129,706 Mirchandani,Pitu B. Mirchandani,Pitu B. US Department of Transportation (DOT)
(YIP) Terahertz Transistors Based on Hot Electron Transport in III-Nitrides and Zinc Oxide 028607-001 120,000 Chowdhury,Srabanti Chowdhury,Srabanti DOD-USAF-Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Incorporating affective-based dynamic difficulty adjustment into personalized digital environments: A generalizable framework for closed-loop systems 026523-001 110,343 Atkinson,Robert Kenneth Atkinson,Robert Kenneth; Runger,George DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
State of Arizona – BV Efficiency Efforts 027273-001 100,000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Model-Based Reliability and Radiation Effects Characterization and Qualification Technique for Commercial-off-the-shelf Parts 029675-001 93,301 Barnaby,Hugh James Bakkaloglu,Bertan; Barnaby,Hugh James National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)
CAREER: III: Modeling the Heterogeneity of Heterogeneity: Algorithms Theories and Applications 029585-001 92,063 He,Jingrui He,Jingrui NSF-CISE: Division of Information Intelligent Systems (IIS)
SCD-PROMIS: A software platform to enhance self-efficacy and patient-provider engagement for children with sickle cell pain 029693-001 89,870 Gary,Kevin A Gary,Kevin A Childrens National Health System
CAP3: Urban Sustainability in the Dynamic Environment of Central Arizona USA 024220-001 88,200 Grimm,Nancy B Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle; Westerhoff,Paul NSF-ENG: Division of Biological Critical Systems
Using Dynamical Systems Modeling to Understand the Effects of an Individually Tailored Prenatal Weight Gain 029619-001 79,233 Rivera,Daniel E Rivera,Daniel E HHS-National Institutes of Health (NIH)
A Visual Analytics Framework for the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) 029650-001 69,384 Maciejewski,Ross Maciejewski,Ross; Dahlen,Paul R; Halden,Rolf; Kavazanjian,Edward; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Westerhoff,Paul DOE-Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL); Chevron Energy and Technology Company
In-Situ Remediation of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Impacted Vadose Zone Soils: Strategy and Management Approach for Innovation 026046-001 60,000 Johnson,Paul Carr
Development of Novel Josephson Tunnel Junctions for Quantum Computing 026957-001 55,698 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan US Department of Defense (DOD)
Multi-Class Deep Learning Based Scene Analysis and Understanding 029638-001 54,937 Karam,Lina Karam,Lina Intel Corporation
A Current Scalable 100mA to 10A Range All Digital Point of Load Regulator for Harsh Environments 028531-001 50,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)
Non-Linear Structural-Thermal Reduced Order Modeling of a Panel (ASU Reference FP00003808 Mignolet) 029265-001 50,000 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul Ohio State University
Learning Robust Recognition Models for Video Events Using Planning-based Semantic Feedback 027804-001 44,000 Li,Baoxin Li,Baoxin DOD-Army Research Office (ARO)
Research Area 5_3_3: Sybil-Resilient Influence Measurement in Microblogging Systems 028993-001 38,995 Zhang,Yanchao Liu,Huan; Zhang,Yanchao DOD-Army Research Office (ARO)
Aquatic Fate and Toxicity of IIIV Semiconductor Materials in the Presence of Chemical Mechanical Planarization Nanoparticles 028564-001 35,121 Westerhoff,Paul Westerhoff,Paul Semiconductor Research Corporation
Neural Indicators of Cognition and Learning 029679-001 32,559 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-Air Force (USAF)
AIMS Consortium 025340-001 26,418 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi Aims Consortium
Building a Better ALD – Use of Plasma Enhanced ALD to Construct Efficient Interference Filters for the FUV 029493-001 26,401 Scowen,Paul Andrew Yu,Hongbin NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Determining medical oil properties before and after vaporization 029195-001 25,000 Santello,Marco Garcia,Antonio Agustin; Santello,Marco Columbia Care
Improving the Accuracy of Breast cancer screening using Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography and Novel Textural Analysis Tools 029586-001 24,936 Wu,Teresa Wu,Teresa ASU-Mayo Seed Grant
Biology and Built Environment (BioBE) Center Renewal 029594-001 22,200 Halden,Rolf Halden,Rolf Sloan (Alfred P.) Foundation
FIBSEM Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Inks for Printed Electronics 023330-001 20,000 Schildgen,Thomas E Schildgen,Thomas E Nth Degree Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
Gender-Specific Adaptations to Climate Change in Jordan 029655-001 13,750 Buch,Rajesh El Asmar,Mounir US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Study of Fiber Optic ADSS Cables 029598-001 11,108 Karady,George G Karady,George G Telewei SA
Dose Index Tracking System (William Pavlicek) 024458-001 10,000 Wu,Teresa Wu,Teresa Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Advance Vehicle Technology Competition AVTC EcoCAR3 027660-001 7,113 Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki Csavina,Kristine Rene; Gaffar,Ashraf; Hristovski,Kiril D; Humble,Jane E; Lande,Micah; Madakannan,Arunachalanadar; Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki; Ralston,Laurel; Redkar,Sangram S; Robertson,John, Whitehouse,Richard O DOE-US Department of Energy
City of Spruce Grove Best Value Implementation Strategic Engagement 027159-001 5,500 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T City of Spruce Grove
PLPTool MIPS Plugin 029651-001 3,000 Sohoni,Sohum Ashok Sohoni,Sohum Ashok Arizona State University Foundation
YR 1 University Transportation Centers Program – National (2013) 027423-001 2,703 Kaloush,Kamil Elias Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Mirchandani,Pitu B. US Department of Transportation (DOT)
CS Fundraising: Advance Vehicle Technology Competition AVTC EcoCAR3 027845-001 1,986 Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki Miscellanoues Private Non-profit Organizations

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