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High-tech company W. L. Gore invested in engineering students’ success
A great partnership is one that helps both parties to excel in their goals. The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and W. L. Gore & Associates have one specific goal in mind — to educate and employ world-class engineers who will move Arizona’s economy forward. This partnership began more than a decade ago with a gift from Gore to the Fulton Schools of Engineering and remains vibrant today. Read on Full Circle

Lakota professor will tackle wastewater pollution, mentor minority populations
After five years at the University of Utah, Otakuye Conroy-Ben has returned to Arizona — the state where she became the first Lakota in history to earn a doctorate in engineering. She is ready to advance a research agenda surrounding water and wastewater treatment and reuse.  Her research includes quantifying organic pollutants found in sewage and wastewater impacted water that have been proven to have adverse effects on animals, including the feminization of male fish. Read on Full Circle

Intel, ASU partner with Vietnamese engineers to develop ‘smart’ objects, infrastructure
A cohort of 20 instructors from the Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City system visited Arizona State University in fall 2015 to learn more about the emerging field of Internet of Things. The Vietnamese instructors were the first “special topics” cohort to come to ASU under the Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program, or HEEAP. Read on Full Circle

Fulton Schools continue to lead in online engineering education
The Fulton Schools continues to be a leader in online engineering education. Fulton Schools’ online engineering graduate programs jumped from a ranking of 14 to 12 out of more than 80 other online programs listed in U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 rankings. This continual advancement in rankings is testament to Fulton Schools’ commitment to quality online education, said Jeff Goss, Fulton Schools assistant dean and executive director of GOEE.  Read on Full Circle

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