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Thursday 21 September 2023,

Exploring new frontiers in human-robot collaborations
Heni Ben Amor, an assistant professor computer science and engineering, is working to make advances in human-robot collaboration and on identifying the importance of such collaborations.  He develops new methods that allow a robot to work in close proximity with human partners. Autonomous robots need to include movements and actions of human partners into their decision-making process to ensure safe interaction. Read on Full Circle

Imperfections make 2D materials potential powerhouses for producing tech advances
Assistant Professor of materials science and engineering Sefaattin Tongay, has earned a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to support his research on the use of two-dimensional (2D) materials to develop advances in a variety of technologies. The project provides opportunities for laboratory experience for graduate students and postgraduates. Read on Full Circle

Zimbabwean engineering student motivated by passion for social entrepreneurship
The commonplace hunger Ngoni Mugwisi experienced growing up in poverty in Zimbabwe has evolved into a passion for improving communities through social entrepreneurship. As a freshman at ASU he started the Stair Gardens Project (SGP), a sustainable food source venture that uses a tiered gardening system to empower small-scale rural farmers to increase their food production. The venture was started in conjunction with the Fulton Schools’ Engineering Projects and Community Service (EPICS) program. Read on Full Circle

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