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Brent Sebold, director of the Fulton Startup Center, discussed evidence-based pitching methods with Mark Sholin, a former ASU Engineering student and serial entrepreneur, and Hillary Hirsch, for the Startups A to Z podcast.

The interview covered a variety of topics, but centered on current ‘Lean Startup’ methodologies and tactics. Specifically, the ideas behind the Lean Startup concept have been around in some fashion for almost as long as companies have existed.

However, these ideas have only truly coalesced into a unified methodology over the past several years through efforts by many seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and academics. One of the cornerstones of the methodology is evidence-based pitching.

“I was honored to share some of my ‘lessons learned’ with Mark, Hillary, and the Startups A to Z audience.” Sebold said. “I hope that entrepreneurs of all stripes tune in and consider the question ‘should we build it?’ before addressing the ‘can we build it?’ question. The answers to these important queries lie in evidence garnered from the marketplace, not from a textbook, class, or fancy hypothetical investor presentation.”

Episode seven of the podcast may be found at

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