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Award Title Award Number Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Person Full Name Sponsor Name
Development and Implementation of an Orthotropic Plasticity Progressive 029314-001 1,466,367 Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma NASA-John H Glenn Research Center, Lewis Field
BUILD-IT 029326-001 1,302,068 Goss,Jeffrey Danielson,Scott George; Goss,Jeffrey DOS: US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Atmospheric CO2 Capture and Membrane Delivery 029335-001 900,000 Rittmann,Bruce Edward Lackner,Klaus S.; Rittmann,Bruce Edward DOE-Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture 029347-001 761,031 Lin,Jerry Y S Lin,Jerry Y S DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
Veteran Engagement in the NEPTUNE Program 029324-001 750,000 Brandt,William R Calhoun,Ronald Joseph; Clark,Susan Spierre; Johnson,Nathan Gregory
Seager,Thomas Payson; Shakarian,Paulo
DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Off-Grid Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) 029221-001 545,675 Westerhoff,Paul Alford,Terry Lynn; Brown,Albert Frederick; Carberry,Adam Robert; Chan,Candace Kay; Fox,Peter; Honsberg,Christiana B; Hristovski,Kiril D; Lind,Mary Laura; Perreault,Francois; Westerhoff,Paul National Science Foundation (NSF)
The VI Diagnosis Tookit for Assessing Vapor Intrusion Pathways and Mitigating Impacts in Neighborhoods Overlying Dissolved Chlorinated Solvent Plumes 029328-001 345,920 Johnson,Paul Carr Dahlen,Paul R; Johnson,Paul Carr DOD-Environmental Security Technology Certification Program
An Intelligent Tutoring System for Organic Chemistry 029363-001 295,979 Gould,Ian R Vanlehn,Kurt A NSF-Division of Undergraduate Education
Instrumentation for Research on Planning for Peer-to-Peer Human-Robot Teaming 029357-001 282,500 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Automatic Video Analysis for Proactive Computer-Based Workflow Management during Nuclear Power Plant Outages 029369-001 277,496 Tang,Pingbo Cooke,Nancy Jaworski; Rogers,James David; Tang,Pingbo DOE-Idaho Field Office
Mechanical Behavior of UO2 at Sub-grain Length Scales: Quantification of Elastic Plastic and Creep Properties via Microscale Testing 027266-001 266,320 Peralta,Pedro D Peralta,Pedro D DOE-Idaho Field Office
Hazardous Materials Worker Health Safety Training (U45) 029399-001 228,358 Olson,Larry Wood Geelhood,Chad Roger; Hristovski,Kiril D; Olson,Larry Wood US Department of Health Human Services (HHS)
University Transportation Centers Program – National YR3 029341-001 202,000 Kaloush,Kamil Elias Kaloush,Kamil Elias US Department of Transportation (DOT)
RPS5: HHSRG Percarbanote Application Testing Biodegrad and Enhanced TPH Availability wPercarbonate use and Targeted Delivery of Functional Nano 029410-001 200,000 Johnson,Paul Carr Dahlen,Paul R; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Westerhoff,Paul Chevron Energy and Technology Company
DOE – Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA): Dr Patrick Phelan 025768-001 193,784 Phelan,Patrick E Phelan,Patrick E DOE-Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
LookingGlass Multimedia: Radio and Programmable Antenna for Social Media Monitoring 029311-001 192,010 Davulcu,Hasan Davulcu,Hasan; Li,Baoxin DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Autonomous Marine Sampling Technology Testbed: Integrating Advanced Biomedical Sensor Technologies with Advances in Drop Probe Methodolgy 029376-001 183,000 Meldrum,Deirdre Ruth Meldrum,Deirdre Ruth DOC – National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Abbott-Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Dynamic Stability 029319-001 112,470 Lockhart,Thurmon Eddy Abbas,James; Caplan,Michael Ryckman; Honeycutt,Claire; Lockhart,Thurmon Eddy Abbott Laboratories
Development and Enhancement of Green Energy Learning for Effective Engineering Education to Foster the 21th Century Hispanic Sustainability Leaders 027184-001 103,120 Wu,Teresa Wu,Teresa US Department of Education (DOEd)
Testbed for Research and Development of Cyber-Physical Systems 029323-001 99,999 Shrivastava,Aviral Shrivastava,Aviral DOC – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
DSM-Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Dynamic Stability in Community Dwelling Older Subjects 029210-001 99,590 Lockhart,Thurmon Eddy Abbas,James; Caplan,Michael Ryckman; Honeycutt,Claire; Lockhart,Thurmon Eddy DSM
WSC Category 1: Advancing Infrastructure and Institutional Resilience to Climate Change for Coupled Water-Energy Systems 027794-001 89,991 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail; Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle; Seager,Thomas Payson NSF-Division of Earth Sciences (EAR)
SCAG Program for GHG Study 029371-001 75,000 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail DOT-Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
DoD Information Assurance Security Program 029344-001 74,785 Yau,Sik-Sang Ahn,Gail-Joon; Yau,Sik-Sang National Security Agency
High Performance ReductionOxidation Metal Oxides for Thermochemical Energy Storage (PROMOTES) 027702-001 68,408 Stechel,Ellen B. Johnson,Nathan Gregory; Stirling,Robert DOE-US Department of Energy
The Influences Of Neutron Irradiation On Aggregrate Induced Degradation Of Concrete 029380-001 63,027 Neithalath,Narayanan Neithalath,Narayanan; Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma DOE-US Department of Energy
A Visual Programming Approach to Teach IOT in Introduction to Engineering Class (ASUF 30006791) 029321-001 62,000 Chen,Yinong Chen,Yinong; Lee,Yann-Hang Arizona State University Foundation
Numerical and Theoretical Modeling of Complex Fluid Flows 029346-001 60,791 Herrmann,Marcus Herrmann,Marcus Qatar National Research Fund
Smart LDO’s for Ultra-Low Power Operation and Load-Sharing (ASUF 30006760) 029348-001 60,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan Texas Instruments Inc
SRN: Urban Water Innovation Network (U-WIN): Transitioning Toward Sustainable Water Systems 029327-001 58,358 Georgescu,Matei Wang,Zhihua NSF-Division of Chem, BioEng, Environmental, Transport Sys
Global Development Lab Research and Innovation Fellowships 028149-001 57,086 Boone,Christopher G Henderson,Mark Richard; Zhang,Yong-Hang DOS: US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Image Fusion Methods for Improved MonoColor Array Camera Imaging 029207-001 55,520 Frakes,David Frakes,David Google Inc.
A Rationally Designed Regenerative 3D Nanoscaffold Platform for Pelvic Floor Reconstruction 029351-001 55,000 Massia,Stephen Paul Massia,Stephen Paul; Pizziconi,Vincent B ASU-Mayo Seed Grant
A Novel Microscale Distributable Sensor Technology for Ionizing Radiation 029372-001 53,000 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James; Kitchen,Jennifer Nisha DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
FY16: Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium 029230-001 52,500 Bimonte-Nelson,Heather Brafman,David Adam; Sierks,Michael Richard Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium
Detecting and Treating Traumatic Brain Injury Pathology Progression from the Inside-Out 028124-001 52,184 Stabenfeldt,Sarah E Kleim,Jeffrey Allan; Kodibagkar,Vikram D; Rege,Kaushal; Sierks,Michael Richard; Stabenfeldt,Sarah E HHS-NIH-NICHD-National Institute of Child Health & Human Dev
Degradation Studies of Electrochromic Window Materials 029417-001 51,577 Bertoni,Mariana Ines Bertoni,Mariana Ines National Science Foundation (NSF)
I-Corps: Sygnal: Compact Low Power High Performance Digital Circuits using Threshold Logic 029408-001 50,000 Vrudhula,Sarma B K Vrudhula,Sarma B K NSF-Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP)
Supporting Collaborative Inquiry ENgineering and Career Exploration with Water (Water SCIENCE) 028264-001 47,775 Ganesh,Tirupalavanam Gopal Ganesh,Tirupalavanam Gopal National Science Foundation (NSF)
Image and Characterize Cellular Materials 028590-001 40,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh DOE-US Department of Energy
Quantifying the Information Content of Satellite Observations for Monitoring Terrestrial Carbon and Water Cycles 029414-001 33,750 Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)
Deep Heterogeneous Models for Cost Reduction in Process Optimization (ASUF 30006790) 029322-001 30,000 He,Jingrui He,Jingrui IBM
R2 Signal Processing 028479-001 30,000 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley; Chakrabarti,Chaitali Google Inc.
Experimental Characterization and Physics Based Modeling of Aluminum Alloy 7075 028325-001 25,000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi DOD-USAF-Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
ATIC: Elucidation Identification and Separation of Bioactive Compounds from a Complex Ecosystem of Microorganisms 026939-001 21,689 Dempster,Thomas A Dempster,Thomas A; Gerken,Henri G Health Enhancement Products, Inc.
High Efficiency Solar Thermochemical Reactor for Hydrogen Production 028250-001 20,000 Stechel,Ellen B. Johnson,Nathan Gregory DOE-US Department of Energy
1 4-Dioxane Remediation by Extreme Soil Vapor Extraction (XSVE) 027019-001 15,000 Dahlen,Paul R Dahlen,Paul R DOD-ARMY-USACE-Humphreys Engineering Center (HEC)
Curriculum Development – Programming for Computer Engineering (ASUF 30006792) 029320-001 15,000 Lee,Yann-Hang Lee,Yann-Hang Intel Corporation
Arizona Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 018085-001 14,600 Ramakrishna,B L Ramakrishna,B L DOD-Army Research Office (ARO)
Dose Index Tracking System (William Pavlicek) 024458-001 14,467 Wu,Teresa Wu,Teresa Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Developing Quantitative Models for Linking Radiation Treatment Options with Clinical Outcomes 028162-001 10,000 Li,Jing Li,Jing; Wu,Teresa Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
BRIDGE in Sustainable Energy and Information and Communication Technologies 027763-001 7,241 Razdan,Anshuman Johnson,Nathan Gregory; Razdan,Anshuman Inter-American Development Bank
Advance Vehicle Technology Competition AVTC EcoCAR3 027660-001 6,196 Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki Csavina,Kristine Rene; Gaffar,Ashraf; Hristovski,Kiril D; Humble,Jane E; Lande,Micah; Madakannan,Arunachalanadar; Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki; Ralston,Laurel; Redkar,Sangram S; Robertson,John; Whitehouse,Richard O DOE-US Department of Energy
The Influence of Estrogen on the Rat Gut Microbiome 029390-001 2,450 Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

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