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Voting for AFSE Secretary is open until 5 p.m. Dec. 9. Read the candidate statements and then vote online (ASURITE login required, each faculty can only vote once).

Hessam S. Sarjoughian

The Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) at Arizona State University (ASU) has experienced unprecedented growth in student population/access while raising its academic standing nationally and internationally. The current state of FSE stature has been underpinned in its governance modality and operational execution. To sustain and strive for furthering FSE’s achievements, it is essential for the Assembly of FSE (AFSE) to be not only informed, but also engaged in an effective and timely fashion.

Successful operation of the Fulton Schools of Engineering depends on successes in all of its schools of engineering individually and collectively. This requires soliciting, evaluating, and sharing of thoughts from all the FSE’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Among the FSE committees is the Executive Committee which is comprised of two representatives from each of the six engineering schools and a Secretary. The EC is responsible for exploring ideas and recommending possible means that can aid the Dean’s decision making across all schools of engineering as well as ASU at large. The Secretary has the responsibility to distill and disseminate the EC findings and recommendations, sanctioned by the Dean, to the Assembly of FSE. The Secretary has also the role of facilitating communication between the AFSE and the Executive Committee. Fruitful communication is a key ingredient in bringing together a confluence of decisions and actions reinforcing and expanding success in each of the FSE’s engineering school. Necessary for achieving this goal is having a distribution mechanism that is simple, secure, and efficient for the Dean’s Office and the Assembly of FSE. Dissemination of information should also help to strengthen and help create new relationships with other colleges and schools across ASU and other entities such as the ASU Senate and the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.

Susan Squire

I am interested in running for the AFSE Secretary position. As a past Adjunct and current Lecturer with The Polytechnic School, I represent a large segment of the faculty at Fulton and would bring a unique perspective to the Committee.

I earned both a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a M.S. Tech, with a concentration in Graphic Information Technology, from ASU. However, my past volunteer work prepares me most for this position. I have served on the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, was a Board Member for the Chandler Education Foundation, and served on election committees for two Chandler Unified School District board member candidates. In addition I served on the election committee for a State Representative candidate, and most recently served on the election committee for a candidate for the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Arizona.

I am aware of the importance of the position and the work that is done by the Committee and am happy to volunteer my time to help further the programs of the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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Questions? Contact Annette Bowers,, for more information or alternate voting methods.

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