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Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
Engineering Research Center for Bio-Mediated and Bio-Inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) 2,600,000 Kavazanjian,Edward Allenby,Braden Richard; He,Ximin; Kavazanjian,Edward; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Neithalath,Narayanan; Torres,Cesar I; Vivoni,Enrique; Zapata,Claudia E NSF-Division of Engineering Education & Centers
SCH: INT: Disposable High Sensitivity Point of Care Immunosensors for Multiple Disease and Pathogen Detection 1,769,699 Blain Christen,Jennifer Mary Blain Christen,Jennifer Mary NSF-Division of Information Intelligent Systems (IIS)
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)- Phase 2 550,000 Vittal,Vijay Tylavsky,Daniel John; Vittal,Vijay DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
CREC Agreement 499,464 Razdan,Anshuman Montoya,Mitzi, Razdan,Anshuman SRP-Salt River Project
CSR: Small: Scaling the Real-time Capabilities of Powertrain Controller in Automotive Systems 449,506 Shrivastava,Aviral Shrivastava,Aviral NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Enhancing Concrete Life in Infrastructure through Phase Change Systems (ECLIPS) 447,930 Neithalath,Narayanan Chester,Mikhail; Neithalath,Narayanan; Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma Rijkswaterstaat
RI: Small: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning under Uncertainty with Probabilistic Answer Set Programming 342,795 Lee,Joohyung Lee,Joohyung NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems using Parallel Computation 280,000 Peet,Matthew M Peet,Matthew M NSF-Division of Civil Mechanical Mfg Innovation (CMMI)
Wastewater Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cells with Peroxide Production 278,189 Torres,Cesar I Rittmann,Bruce Edward, Torres,Cesar I, Tsakalis,Konstantinos DOD-Strategic Environmental Research Development Program
Soil Suction Surrogates for Furthering Complete-Stress-State Solutions to Expansive Soil Problems 250,000 Houston,Sandra L Houston,Sandra L NSF-Division of Civil Mechanical Mfg Innovation (CMMI)
CSR: Small: Collaborative Research: Dynamic Reconfiguration for Adaptive Computing in Heterogeneous SoCs 239,710 Ogras,Umit Y. Ogras,Umit Y. NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Collaborative Research: Fatigue Damage Prognosis for Slender Coastal Bridges 235,000 Liu,Yongming Liu,Yongming NSF-Division of Civil Mechanical Mfg Innovation (CMMI)
PHASE V: (2011-2015) LSAMP WESTERN ALLIANCE TO EXPAND STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES (WAESO) 232,000 Garcia,Antonio Agustin Andino,Jean M; Garcia,Antonio Agustin NSF-Directorate for Education & Human Resources (EHR)
Study of the US Institutes for Student Leaders from Southeast Asia 209,017 Goss,Jeffrey Goss,Jeffrey DOS – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)
III: Small: Collaborative Research: Privacy-Aware Collaborative Data Sharing in Human-Centered Social Networks 200,000 Ahn,Gail-Joon Ahn,Gail-Joon NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
EAGER: The Identification of Social Systems Trust: Theory and Experimental Validation 199,846 Scaglione,Anna Scaglione,Anna NSF-CISE-Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF)
Basic Radiation Effects Mechanisms in Chalcogenide-Based Nanoionic Structures 174,280 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James; Holbert,Keith Edwin; Kozicki,Michael N DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
IGERT: Solar Utilization Network (SUN) 169,904 Vermaas,Willem F J Goodnick,Stephen Marshall; Henderson,Mark Richard; Honsberg,Christiana B; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Phelan,Patrick E; Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I; Wang,Robert Y.; Westerhoff,Paul NSF-Division of Graduate Education
Dynamic Fracture in Dealloying Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking 142,114 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl DOE-US Department of Energy Chicago
UNS: Collaborative Research: 30 Percent-Efficient III-V Silicon Tandem Solar Cells 140,850 Holman,Zachary Charles Holman,Zachary Charles NSF-Division of Chem, BioEng, Environmental, Transport Sys
Non-Invasive Mobile Device for Tracking Cadriovascular Functions 128,363 Forzani,Erica Silvia Forzani,Erica Silvia HHS-NIH-NIBIB-National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bio
Intelligent Adaptive Fixturing for Machining of High Value Large Castings and Fabricated Assemblies 124,590 Shah,Jami J Shah,Jami J Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute
2015 Bisgrove Scholar Program: Printing your Phone: Reactive Inks and 3D Nano-Inkjet printing to bring additive printing to the corner store 120,000 Wertheimer,Eric H R Alford,Terry Lynn; Hildreth,Owen James Science Foundation of Arizona
Thin Si HIT Cells for High Performance Metasurface Light Trapping and Passivation 104,167 Bowden,Stuart Graham Bowden,Stuart Graham DOE-US Department of Energy
A Water Resources Decision Support System to Reduce Drought Vulnerability and Enable Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Pernambuco 100,000 Vivoni,Enrique Vivoni,Enrique Inter-American Development Bank
Exploiting Nonlinear Dynamics for Sensor Applications 100,000 Lai,Ying-Cheng Lai,Ying-Cheng DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Radiation Hardened Memristive Technologies for Space-Based Nonvalatile Memory 91,000 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James; Holbert,Keith Edwin; Kozicki,Michael N; Yu,Shimeng DOD-USAF-Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN) 80,000 Oneill,Gerald Daniel Seager,Thomas Payson City of Phoenix
Simultaneous Sparse Learning for Defect Classification 80,000 Karam,Lina Karam,Lina; Ye,Jieping Semiconductor Research Corporation
Reasoning about Cyber Attribution 78,353 Shakarian,Paulo Shakarian,Paulo DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Harnessing Chemo-mechanical Energy Transduction to Create Systems that Selectively “Catch and Release” Biomolecules 75,000 He,Ximin He,Ximin DOE-US Department of Energy
CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Collaborative Vehicular Systems 66,602 Fainekos,Georgios E. Fainekos,Georgios E. NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
PDRI Tool for Small Projects 66,117 Parrish,Kristen Gibson,Edd; Parrish,Kristen Construction Industry Institute (University of Texas – Austi
UTC – Tier 1 65,618 Mirchandani,Pitu B. Mirchandani,Pitu B. US Department of Transportation (DOT)
Electric Field Measurements 64,128 Allee,David Ray Allee,David Ray DOD-Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Academic Survey of the Cyber Resiliency of the Total Embedded Systems Platform 49,998 Doupe,Adam Doupe,Adam DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Development of Substrate-loaded Microbial Fuel Cells for Powering Remote Sensors 47,265 Torres,Cesar I Torres,Cesar I DOD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)
SRP CREC – Soiling loss of SRP’s PV systems: Is array cleaning cost effective 45,002 Tamizhmani,Govindasamy Tamizhmani,Govindasamy SRP-Salt River Project
SRP CREC – PV Degradation Rate Determination using a Statistical Approach 45,000 Kuitche,Joseph Mathurin Kuitche,Joseph Mathurin, Tamizhmani,Govindasamy SRP-Salt River Project
ASU_Santello_SOW_1 40,000 Santello,Marco Santello,Marco Google Inc.
13 Complex Dynamics and Systems: Compressive Sensing for Nonlinear and Complex Systems Identification Prediction and Control 36,000 Lai,Ying-Cheng Lai,Ying-Cheng DOD-Army Research Office (ARO)
CES Project: Radhard Ka-Band Power Amplifiers for Space 30,000 Kitchen,Jennifer Nisha Kitchen,Jennifer Nisha; Vrudhula,Sarma B K Consortium for Embedded Systems (ASU Consortium)
Social Media Analytics for Bot 24,000 Liu,Huan Liu,Huan US Department of Defense (DOD)
Faculty for the Future Fellowship for Ruirui Han 23,000 Yu,Hongyu Yu,Hongyu Schlumberger Foundation
University Engineering Design Challenge 20,000 Redkar,Sangram S Redkar,Sangram S DOD-USAF-Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Multiaccess Radar Techniques and Bounds 17,000 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
III: Small: Data Management for Real-Time Data Driven Epidemic Spread Simulations 16,000 Candan,Kasim Selcuk Candan,Kasim Selcuk; Sapino,Maria Luisa NSF-Division of Molecular Biosciences (DMB)
A multi-analyte device for air quality monitoring 15,000 Tao,Nongjian Tao,Nongjian National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences
Improvements in Modeling Regional Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Hydrologic Responses in Complex Terrain and Seasonal Ecosystems 14,898 Vivoni,Enrique Vivoni,Enrique NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
An Agitation Pump to Facilitate EPIC Using Chemotherapy-loaded Microbeads 14,000 Vernon,Brent Vernon,Brent Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
ATIC: Elucidation Identification and Separation of Bioactive Compounds from a Complex Ecosystem of Microorganisms 10,000 Dempster,Thomas A Dempster,Thomas A Health Enhancement Products, Inc.
Gerken,Henri G Health Enhancement Products, Inc.
AIMS Consortium 9,096 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi Aims Consortium
Mobile multifunctional tool for monitoring and management of respiratory diseases 9,000 Wang,Shaopeng Forzani,Erica Silvia HHS-NIH-NHLBI-National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute
BRIDGE in Sustainable Energy and Information and Communication Technologies 5,198 Razdan,Anshuman Johnson,Nathan Gregory; Razdan,Anshuman Inter-American Development Bank
GSI Fellowship Grant-Angel Gutierrez 5,000 Kavazanjian,Edward Kavazanjian,Edward Geosynthetic Institute
Physics Teacher Pipeline Project: A comprehensive PhysTEC Site Y4 1,645 Culbertson,Robert John Middleton,James Arthur NSF-Division of Physics (PHY)

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