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ASU has purchased Dropbox for Education which will be used as a replacement of the Engineering H: drive for individual work related storage.

Some advantages with Dropbox for Education include unlimited storage space; unlimited version roll-back and deletion recovery; remote access to your work files without VPN;  and easy sharing and collaboration tools – such as internal and external sharing, for example with other universities, research associates and industry partners.

For users who have not already requested Dropbox Accounts, Fulton Schools of Engineering Dropbox accounts will be created in November. Faculty and staff can expect to receive an email with instructions on using Dropbox. Once you start utilizing Dropbox, you will be able to move your H: drive files to Dropbox. Engineering Technical Services will still continue to support the H: drive.

Dropbox is not currently intended as a replacement, or substitute, for the Engineering S: drive (also known as shared network drive). Dropbox has features in development that will allow us to reconsider S: drive replacement in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Engineering Technical Services or your IT Technical Lead.

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