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Zhihua Wang photo

Assistant professor Zhihua Wang.

Zhihua Wang, assistant professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, is a co-principal investigator for Arizona State University’s role in a new multi-university research consortium that will tackle the challenges of developing sustainable urban water systems.

Fourteen academic institutions are part of Urban Water Innovation Network being established with support from the National Science Foundation and led by Colorado State University.

ASU researchers will focus on hydroclimate, engineering and socioeconomics aspects involved in the effort to find solutions to urban water sustainability issues.

Wang is a co-director of National Center for Excellence on SMART Innovations at ASU (SMART stands for Sustainable Materials and Renewable Technologies). He focuses on climate systems research for the center.

His expertise includes land-atmosphere interactions, subsurface heat and water transport, and mitigation of the urban heat island effect.

Wang says his role for the network will include modeling land-atmosphere-hydrosphere interactions with multi-scale integration of models and observations, and assessing innovative building systems and urban infrastructure to mediate impacts on urban water cycles, heat islands and regional climates.

Read the full story about the Urban Water Innovation Network and more on what ASU researchers will contribute.

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