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The Fulton Schools have coordinated a very successful Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) program. During the spring semester, 192 UGTAs/Section Leaders worked with 24 faculty.  UGTAs and Section Leaders improve the educational experience of our students while gaining valuable leadership experience for themselves.

We encourage faculty to request UGTAs to support collaborative learning activities such as labs or in-class team activities. UGTAs are much more than “graders”  and are paid a stipend in addition to enrolling in a 1-credit online class.

If you are teaching an ASU 101 Introduction to ASU or FSE 100 Introduction to Engineering, no action is needed on your part unless you would like to request a specific UGTA/Section Leader.

For other classes, please complete the UGTA Faculty Request form by Friday, May 22, 2015. You will need to know the course prefix and number and section number, and include a brief plan for how you would work with the UGTA. Questions? Contact Jim Collofello at or 5-3733.

Refer a student If you know students who would be good UGTAs, feel free to include their name in your request and encourage them to apply at

About the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) Program

The primary objective of the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program (UGTA program) is to improve the educational experience of students in their engineering classes. It is anticipated that UGTAs will also be utilized to support collaborative learning activities, such as labs, in selected classes beyond the freshmen year.  Faculty are encouraged to engage students in exploratory and collaborative learning activities that can greatly benefit from the participation of UGTAs.  The UGTAs can assist the faculty member in these activities and through their presence in the classroom.

  • Promote more effective learning and achievement.
  • Act as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment.
  • Help navigate the institution and promote self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success.
  • Hold office hours and review sessions.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Commit to engaging students in exploratory and collaborative learning activities.
  • Utilize UGTAs in the classroom and not for grading tasks.
  • Participate in the assessment of the UGTA’s performance.

UGTA Responsibilities

  • Spend about 5 hours per week assisting a faculty member in the classroom or lab.
  • Meet with their faculty on a regular basis to prepare for activities.
  • Enroll in and complete FSE 201: Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (1 unit) the semester for which they serve as a UGTA.

UGTA Benefits

  • Improve communication and leadership skills.
  • Develop a working relationship with a faculty member in their program.
  • Earn valuable experience for their resume.
  • Recognition at an appreciation lunch with the Schools’ leadership.
  • Course credit and notation on their transcript.
  • $1,000 stipend per semester (yes, this is doubled from previous semesters!).

Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) will recruit students who are sophomore, junior, or senior level; in academic good standing; and have completed their freshmen engineering courses. All students must submit an online application at  Faculty should encourage potential students with whom they would like to work to apply.

UGTA Assignments
First priority is given to Introduction to Engineering classes.  Instructors of other classes may request a UGTA through the Associate Dean.  ASA works with each instructor to assign a UGTA for their class.

Training & Course
UGTAs must enroll in FSE 201: Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, a one-credit online class.  Students will attend a two-hour training session at the beginning of the semester, sign a brief agreement committing to their responsibilities, complete minimal online assignments, and write a reflection paper.  This final paper will also serve as an assessment of the program in combination with evaluations completed by faculty and students in classes with a UGTA.

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