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Take action today to make sure your computer, smart phone and identity are protected. ASU’s Information Security Offices offers services and information.

Identity Theft:  ASU will help protect you
ASU takes your security and that of your personal information seriously. ASU has partnered with AllClear ID to provide you with complimentary identity repair assistance.

Ransomware:  The new threat
An evolving security threat, known as Ransomware, infects computers through malware and requires payment before files are released. Tips for what to do if you fall victim to ransomware and tips to protect you against ransomware and other malware are offered.

Cybercrime on campus: Six tips to stay safe
Six tips on what to do to protect yourself and what to do if you are already a victim.

Going mobile: Be secure
We are in the mobile technology age. Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are basically small portable computers and subject to the same vulnerabilities.  Find basic tips on securing your mobile devices.

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