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What stops content from going viral on social media?
Paulo Shakarian was awarded a grant from the Young Investigator Research Program of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to figure out what makes information go “viral” on social media – as well as what keeps it from happening.

Striving for stronger structural sustainability
A National Science Foundation CAREER Award will support ASU engineer Pingbo Tang’s effort to improve the maintenance, safety and resilience of civil infrastructure.

Making energy-saving strides in sustainable computing
ASU computer architecture expert Carole-Jean Wu is exploring how to make computing systems more energy efficient by using new heat-harvesting techniques.

Sustainability project aims at boosting water, electrical systems resiliency
ASU engineers are exploring how the Southwest can fortify its power and water infrastructure to deal with future climate challenges.

Outstanding education achievements earn Honsberg IEEE award
Professor Christiana Honsberg is a leading developer of new courses and degree programs designed to educate students on photovoltaics technology and renewable energy engineering and was recently was presented the Outstanding Faculty Award for 2014 by the Phoenix Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).


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