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Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
Google Master Agreement: R2 Signal Processing 1,000,000 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley; Chakrabarti,Chaitali Google Inc.
ASU-Army Flexible Display Initiative Center 663,000 Colaneri,Nicholas Frederick Alford,Terry Lynn; Allee,David Ra; Balanis,Constantine A; Chae,Junseok; Colaneri,Nicholas Frederick; Li,Jian; Schroder,Dieter K; Vogt,Bryan David DOD-Army Research Office
CAREER: Coherent Understanding of Magnetic Resonance in Controlling Radiative Transport from Far to Near Field 504,542 Wang,Liping Wang,Liping NSF-Division of Chem, BioEng, Environmental, & Transport Sys
CAREER: A New GaN-based Unit Cell for Highly Efficient Integrated Power Conversion 500,000 Chowdhury,Srabanti Chowdhury,Srabanti NSF-Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems
Cryogenic Computing Complexity (C3) Program 466,613 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
Using Arrays of Microelectrodes Implanted in Residual Peripheral Nerves to Provide Dexterous Control of and Modulated Sensory Feedback from a Hand P 336,863 Greger,Bradley Greger,Bradley DOD-US Department of Defense
Engineering DNA Delivery Polymers Using Combinatorial and Cheminformatics Methods 289,337 Rege,Kaushal Rege,Kaushal HHS-NIH-NIGMS-National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Market Entry Decision-Making Process (Phase 2): Detailed Methodology 250,000 El Asmar,Mounir El Asmar,Mounir; Sullivan,Kenneth T New Horizons Foundation
A MultiScale Modeling Approach to Predict the Behavior of Nanocomposite Structures 175,000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi DOD-Office of Naval Research
University Transportation Centers Program – National YR2 167,904 Kaloush,Kamil Elias Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Mirchandani,Pitu B. DOT-U.S. Department of Transportation
High Quality CdTe on InSb Substrates 160,000 Zhang,Yong-Hang Zhang,Yong-Hang DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
Multifunctional Thermoset Polymer Matrix with Self-Sensing and Self-Healing Capabilities 160,000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi; Dai,Lenore L DOD-Army Research Office
Dealloying Microstructure and the CorrosionProtection of Cast Magnesium Alloys 156,151 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory
PV Life Cycle Analysis 152,626 Tamizhmani,Govindasamy Tamizhmani,Govindasamy Electric Power Research Institute
Arid Region Landscapes: Design Implementation and Management 150,000 Razdan,Anshuman Razdan,Anshuman Municipality of Abu Dhabi City
CAP3: Urban Sustainability in the Dynamic Environment of Central Arizona USA 147,000 Grimm,Nancy B Bateman,Heather Lyn; Ruddell,Benjamin Lyle; Westerhoff,Paul NSF-Division of Biological & Critical Systems
CAREER: Fundamental Security-Performance Tradeoffs for Active Attacks Against Communication Networks 145,296 Kosut,Oliver Kosut,Oliver NSF-CISE-Computing and Communication Foundations
Advancing Beyond the Photodiode: Deep Sub-micron Pixels for Next-generation Image Sensors 133,795 Ferry,David K Akis,Richard; Ferry,David K; Saraniti,Marco NSF-Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships
Microstructural Design of Precipitate Strengthened Alloys with Enhanced Mechanical Properties Experiments and Simulation 119,844 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh; Solanki,Kiran N. DOD-Army Research Office
State of Arizona – BV Efficiency Efforts 100,000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Robust Planning in the Presence of Partially Specified Domain Models and Objectives 99,685 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-Office of Naval Research
CAREER: Reversible plasticity in nanocrystalline metals and alloys for shape memory applications 97,837 Rajagopalan,Jagannathan Rajagopalan,Jagannathan NSF-Division of Materials Research
Evaluation of New Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging and Spectroscopy Software 89,961 Kodibagkar,Vikram D Kodibagkar,Vikram D Banner Health
CAREER: Role of geometry in dynamical modeling of human movement: Applications to activity quality assessment across Euclidean non-Euclidean and 80,537 Turaga,Pavan Kumar Turaga,Pavan Kumar NSF-CISE-Computing and Communication Foundations
RADAR: A Framework for Human in the Loop Planning and Data Based Decision Support 80,000 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-Office of Naval Research
University of Toronto (UT) – ITTelephone Integration Project 70,000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T University of Toronto
A Current-Scalable 100mA to 10A Range All Digital Point-of-Load Regulator for Harsh Environments 60,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Yr 5: The Science of Test: Advanced Test and Evaluation in Support of the DOD Test and Evaluation Enterprise 59,900 Montgomery,Douglas C Montgomery,Douglas C DOD-Air Force Institute of Technology
ABB Power TD PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay ASU Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation 50,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan Texas Instruments
Collaborative Center for Structural Science 50,000 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul DOD-Air Force Research Labs
I-Corps I: Leveraging Maker Pathways Research Projects to Scale Steam Making Outread Programs 50,000 Jordan,Shawn Senneff Jordan,Shawn Senneff; Lande,Micah NSF-Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships
New York ISO – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay ASU Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
Pacific Gas and Electric – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay ASU Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
Scalable Tandem Architecture for Solar Water Splitting 50,000 Holman,Zachary Charles Holman,Zachary Charles Research Corporation for Science Advancement
A unified mathematical and algorithmic framework for managing multiple information sources of multi-physics systems 36,740 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
The Saturation Economic and Energy Effects of Maturing Urban Roadway Networks (UTCP YR2) 35,000 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail DOT-U.S. Department of Transportation
Distributed Traffic Monitoring and Prediction with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications (UTCP YR2) 34,798 Lou,Yingyan Lou,Yingyan DOT-U.S. Department of Transportation
Public Private Partnerships in the US Transportation Sector (UTCP YR2) 34,798 El Asmar,Mounir El Asmar,Mounir DOT-U.S. Department of Transportation
The assessment of reliability and durability data for Photovoltaic (PV) arrays modules and the application to the design specification and installat 26,000 Madakannan,Arunachalanadar Henderson,Mark Richard; Madakannan,Arunachalanadar; Rogers,Bradley Barney DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
Development of RF Transceiver for Full Duplex System 25,000 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe Broadcom Foundation
National Renewable Energy Laboratory – PSERC Membership 25,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay ASU Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
Laryngeal Regenerative Medicine 19,124 Massia,Stephen Paul Massia,Stephen Paul Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Wireless Sensors for Obesity and Associated Chronic Diseases 17,638 Wang,Shaopeng Forzani,Erica Silvia NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
ROI analysis and reporting of the Monterry Water Fund in conjunction with the TNC-Science and Nature for People (SNAP) Water Funds project 14,912 Vivoni,Enrique Vivoni,Enrique Nature Conservancy
Rapid Modifications of Land Surface Temperature During Rainfall: Basics and Implications 14,500 Wang,Zhihua Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Wang,Zhihua DOD-Army Research Office
Piper Health Solutions Consortium – Project Account: Intelligent Robotics for Assessing Rehabilitating and Assisting Motor Impairments – Seed Grant 10,000 Santello,Marco Santello,Marco Piper Health Solutions Consortium
Multivariable Models of Brain Structure that Classify Post-Traumatic Headache and Differentiate It from Migraine 7,409 Berisha,Visar Shahin Berisha,Visar Shahin ASU-Mayo Seed Grant
Oligomeric Neuronal Protein Aggregates as Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Alzheimer Disease (AD) 1,752 Sierks,Michael Richard Sierks,Michael Richard DOD-Army Medical Research & Material Command
INTEL: Statement of Work for Equipment Effects Causation Statistical Analysis Project 1,000 Li,Jing Li,Jing Intel Corporation

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